Britney Spears Gives Her Five Beach Day Essentials On A Bizarre PSA

Towel, oil, sunscreen, a dog, and a hat. That’s it.

People have been gathering to Britney Spears’ Instagram page for bizarre content.

This happens after she posted a video casually explaining that she burned down her home gym.

The singer then decided to follow up with some very self-explanatory beach day tips to which she gained praise for a clip of her wearing a mask at the beach.

Spears, appearing on camera her swimsuit, said:

“So this is the exact same bathing suit I wore like three days ago to go to the beach, but I said, ‘Hey, why not give it another shot?’ But while I’m at it, I just want to let you guys know the five most important things that you need to bring when you go to the beach: towel, oil, sunscreen, a dog, and a hat.”

Just before storming off the screen, Spears announced, “I’m going to go to my jacuzzi now.”

The singer is continuing her legal battle to remove her father as her sole conservator. Her father recently filed court documents saying he was against making her health history public to protect her image. Shortly thereafter, her former estate manager says her conservatorship is in her best interest.

“Britney is in a conservatorship for good reason, but a lot of the Free Britney people have no experience with the law,” the former estate manager said said, adding: “The most important question is whether the conservatorship is in her best interests. That’s what you always have to ask yourself and I absolutely still believe that the conservatorship is in her best interests. This movement on social media has definitely complicated matters.

There are people lurking in the shadows pushing an agenda. I can’t say who but it is hurting Britney, she’s the only one who gets hurt by all this. I have my own theories and things are going to come out during discovery and the trial [to determine who gets appointed].”

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