Joe Biden must keep on the straight and narrow to deliver on his lead in the polls

There’s not long to go until the US presidential election on November 3rd, and the eyes of the world are on the national polls.

There’s not long to go until the US presidential election on November 3rd, and the eyes of the world are on the national polls and the next US President odds from Betfair Exchange to try and predict who will win this closely fought contest. At the moment, it’s Democratic nominee Joe Biden who has the edge, but incumbent President Donald Trump will be eyeing up a repeat of his surprise success in 2016, when he made a mockery of the polls and predictions to win the election.

For Biden, it’s been a well-run campaign so far. He has managed to avoid any major controversy, despite Trump’s best efforts to denigrate the Democrat’s ties with his son Hunter’s association with business in China and Ukraine. Biden has held his head high and has avoided slipping into traps set by his rival targeted at showing up Biden for his age. 

He has survived two presidential debates in which Trump geared all his efforts towards bringing Biden down. It was reminiscent of the way Trump broke down Hillary Clinton’s campaign four years ago, stirring up a frenzy and jumping on negative press to really pile the pressure on his opponent. This time around, it’s clear that Biden has learned from Clinton’s mistakes, and has figured out how to avoid being beaten into submission by Trump’s brash, confrontational style. 

Now, the challenge is to stay on the right track until November 3rd rolls around. Often, a presidential candidate can damage their campaign due to their own acts of foolishness or careless comments. So far, Biden has proven himself adept at keeping his head down and conducting himself with dignity and grace. 

That said, the Democratic challenger has not been afraid to fight fire with fire. The first televised debate was a feisty affair, with both candidates constantly interrupting each other and speaking over one another. While it made for grim viewing, it was proof that Biden was not willing to be overpowered by Trump’s personality. Although neither candidate came out smelling like roses, Biden did enough to show his mettle when the going gets tough. 

The second debate was a more measured affair, with Biden showing his skill as a debater. It’s that kind of tempered, considered persona that the 77-year-old needs to put forward as we approach the crunch time of this election campaign.

There is still time for opinions to sway, and still work to be done for Biden to ensure that he is in the best position possible to deliver on his lead in the polls and bring the Democratic Party back into the White House. But then, you can’t help but feel that, even at an advanced age, Biden has hugely relished the challenge so far.  

It’s a significant moment in American politics, and Biden must prove that he is the antidote to the controversy Trump has brought to the White House since he ran for President in 2016. The nation is severely divided, and perhaps the best thing Biden can do now, with just days remaining until Election Day, is show that he has the requisite qualities to bring greater peace and happiness to America. 

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