Use The Internet To Style Your Dream Home

You aren’t Barbie⁠ — crafting your dream house takes more than a trip to the toy store.

You aren’t Barbie⁠ — crafting your dream house takes more than a trip to the toy store. You want to craft your home carefully, putting thought into everything from the wall art to the new pool. After all, your new home is a blank canvas on which you get to paint your character and style.

Luckily for the modern homebuyer, there’s an indispensable tool to make it as easy as possible: the internet. From creating the perfect backyard pool to finding the ideal canvas wall art, spending time online will make styling your dream home the best experience it can be.

Find your dream house.

Before you can style the home of your dreams, you need to find it! Spend some time browsing display houses for sale in your area of choice to get an idea of what’s available and what you like⁠. You just might find that your dream furnishings come pre-installed in that perfect-for-you house. If not, you’ll at least have the opportunity to see what a certain style or subdivision can look like⁠, and how your home can look, when the time comes⁠ — even if the display home you look at doesn’t quite meet your needs.

Embrace your daydreams.

If you’re working to find and style your dream home, chances are you’ll end up on Pinterest, browsing interior design and décor inspiration for hours on end. But that time spent doesn’t amount to time wasted. Rather, it’s a key part of the styling process. Seeing what others have done to obtain that magazine-ready interior design can help you discover the perfect way to replicate it for yourself (or with a bit of help from the professionals).

Add a personal touch.


Pinterest makes for great inspiration, but you want your dream home to reflect you and your family, not a magazine-style ideal. Personalized details are a great way to make sure it does just that. Consider creating multi-panel wall art, canvas prints, or another type of wall décor from photos of you and the people you love most. This allows you to highlight favorite memories (or a particularly cute picture of your dog) and makes for an instant conversation starter whenever you invite someone to your home. With photo wall art, you can recreate that Insta-worthy gallery wall while making it all the more unique.

Balance your budget.


Wherever you are in the process, you’re likely to have a budget to keep an eye on as you design your dream home. Online tools can not only help you find the best way to recreate your favorite styles on a budget, but they can help you track your spending (and savings) along the way. Can you afford to add a hot tub to your outdoor landscape? Consult your budgeting tool of choice. Tax deductions? A quick search will tell you all you need to know.

Consider your renovation options.


Imagine: you find the perfect house, with the ideal number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and, because it served as a display home, all the furnishings you could dream up. But you promised your kids a swimming pool, while this house has a large backyard instead. What’s a potential buyer to do? Search for a company like Olympus Pools, Sarasota pool builders who can make that pool of your dreams a reality. As you go work to create your dream home, remember that you have a lot of room to make changes where needed⁠ — all it takes is some internet research to find the best way to make it happen. Oh, and while you’re installing that custom pool, consider getting a hot tub near the pool area for you to hang out in while your kids splash around in the swimming pool.

Find the best professionals.


Sometimes, those proposed renovations are DIY-friendly. Other times, not so much. When it comes to tasks like pool remodeling, wiring, and plumbing, you’ll often find that hiring a professional saves you a lot of headaches. Even when you can do something yourself, you might want to hire an expert, like someone who specializes in home décor and interior design, to help bring your vision to life. In either case, you can find the best professionals with an online search. Consult the Better Business Bureau to find reputable companies or review customer testimonials to find those who past homeowners think did a particularly great job. It’s a bit more work than calling the first number in the phonebook, but it’s worth it.

Whether your vision for your dream home features an outdoor oasis, a personalized art gallery with canvas wall art, or simply comes in under budget, the internet will quickly become your best friend as you try your hand at interior design. From DIY renovations to pool design, a few minutes online will have you ready to enjoy your dream home in no time.

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