4 Most Popular Online Entertainment Options in 2020

The web is crammed with endless opportunities for entertainment, and there is something to keep you occupied whatever your tastes.

The web is crammed with endless opportunities for entertainment, and there is something to keep you occupied whatever your tastes.

If you are looking for something new to try out in 2020, or you are just wondering which of the many online pastimes is at the top of the pile in terms of popularity, here is a look at a few activities that attract the most attention at the moment.


One of the best things about online entertainment is that it can be fully interactive and entirely based around the real people participating all over the world. This is where gaming comes into play, and the scene has never been more diverse or vibrant than it is today.

From behemoths like Fortnite and the Call of Duty franchise which focus on combat, to digital interpretations of traditional games like those found on Casumo live casino, players can experience intensely enjoyable games across a broad spectrum.

It is no surprise that the industry is expected to grow by almost 13% annually between 2020 and 2027, with this double-digit increase perpetuated by the sheer popularity of a multitude of online games.


If you prefer passive entertainment, then video streaming will tick all the boxes and allow you to chill out with endless hours of content whether you are at home or on the move.

Major players like Netflix and Amazon have increased competition in this market significantly in recent years, meaning that big budget releases are now appearing exclusively on streaming platforms rather than always heading to the cinema first.

If you would rather not pay a monthly subscription, the likes of YouTube and Twitch have given life to a new realm of content, with independent creators taking center stage.

It is no surprise that the majority of web traffic is now made up by video streaming activities, proving the popularity that watching videos online has attained.


The traditional TV and movie markets have not been the only areas to see significant disruption as a result of the rise of online rivals in recent years; audio formats have undergone just as much of an upheaval thanks to the emergence of podcasting as a legitimate and lucrative format.

From big-hitting shows that get millions of downloads to obscure, niche releases made by amateurs at home to target a very specific and small group of prospective listeners, the world of podcasting is incredibly varied and appealingly open-ended, with a very low barrier to entry.

While major broadcasters and other media companies may have finally cottoned onto the popularity of podcasts, creating more commercial viability for those who are involved in the production side, it is still entirely possible for someone to start a podcast in their bedroom and achieve viral success without going through mainstream channels.

Social Media

While social media was initially conceived as a means by which web users could communicate with one another, sharing online ecosystems with friends, family and colleagues while also making new relationships with other users, a lot has changed recently.

Now, sites like Instagram, Twitter and TikTok are sources of entertainment in their own right, while also being platforms which can catapult the most popular personalities into the spotlight, while in turn giving average people a window into the lives and lifestyles of the rich and famous around the world.

Social media apps tend to take up more screen time than any other web-enabled service, hence why they could be seen as the most popular form of online entertainment of 2020, as essential to many users as air and water.

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