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I am a passionate person. Every task that I pick I do it with passion. I am artist that loves all things artsy. I like to create things that many people can interpret differently. I am passionate about the youth and spend time mentoring, so maybe I can make a difference in their lives and the community as a whole.

Suge Knight is Back in the News

I am pretty sure that anyone who have a twitter account seen the post related to Suge Knight. The notorious man known for Death Row Records have been said to have been arrested for Tupac’s death…

Mystery of the Brain Freeze Solved!

Have you ever wondered why you get a brain freeze and then instantly it goes away? Well researchers found the answer to that mystifying question “What causes a brain freeze?” Through exten…

Manny Pacquiao Has Tax Issues

While the whole world continues to wait for the Manny-Pacquiao-Floyd-Mayweather-Fight-of-the-Century to happen, it looks like Manny will have another fight on his hands real soon with tax officials in…

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