Reebok Drops Rick Ross Over “U.O.E.N.O.” Lyrics Controversy

Reebok drops Rick Ross

It looks like the pressure finally got to Reebok and they finally severed ties with rapper Rick Ross over controversial lyrics to “U.O.E.N.O.”, which in the song Ross practically endorses date rape.

In the song, Ross raps, “Put Molly [which is ecstasy] all in the champagne. She ain’t even know it. I took her home and I enjoy that. She ain’t even know it.”

It doesn’t take much to make out what Ross is describing in the song and because of this line,  many felt that he should be held accountable for condoning sexual assault through his music and that Reebok, which is perhaps Rick Ross’ biggest endorsement, should drop him fast.

Reebok tells TMZ  that  “Reebok holds our partners to a high standard, and we expect them to live up to the values of our brand. Unfortunately, Rick Ross has failed to do so.”

Reebok then goes on: “While we do not believe that Rick Ross condones sexual assault, we are very disappointed he has yet to display an understanding of the seriousness of this issue or an appropriate level of remorse.”

It seems like Reebok took their time before deciding what they were going to do about their relationship with the rapper but after his, what many people took to be a weak apology, and a growing protest what choice did they really have?

We’re Bringing Lyrics Back: Hopsin’s “Ill Mind Of Hopsin 4”

Hello URbaners,

What’s Up with me and hiatuses? (Did I even spell that right?, oh snap, I forgot, God created spell check, lol) Forgive me once again.

Hopsin…………The revival of Hip-Hop? Quite possibly. Marcus Hopson aka Hopsin hails from San Fernando Valley, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. I first notice his vids on, but avoided clicking on them due to the contacts he wore, though he was just seeking attention like every other artist with a crazy gimmick. Being bored one day, looking back on old clips, I decided to take a listen just for the hell of it. My God…….I must have replayed “Ill Mind Of Hopsin 4” 20 times that day. Hopsin’s flow kept my hands on my cheap ass Sony headphones as I went on a listen tangent through his repertoire of music. His use of story telling and openness about his own weaknesses, followed by harsh realities and ultimate devastating lyrical content, makes Hopsin the new kid on the block and is tough as they come. Dont let the eyes fool you. He didn’t get on the cover of this years “XXL’s Freshmen Class” magazine for no reason. How many new rappers do you know have called out Tyler the Creater on that cockroach eating bullshit, mock Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross, and Drake, and on top of that diss the wife of the late Eazy-E for not promoting his career correctly? How many more can you say produce their whole album? HOP Madness people!! Get on if you ain’t been shitted on. He is worth the BUZZ children, and I am personally putting my stamp of approval on Hopsin. Check the lyrics and vids. Thank me later.


Uh Oh


Hopsin’s “Ill Mind of Hopsin”

Check it, I used to be the goofy man you hounded
The Special Ed kid at lunchtime the bitches wouldn’t stand around with
I would jack off so much back at my parents’ house
And now my dick has a permanent imprint of my hand around it
Life was lame, I had to pay money to fuck a whore
I couldn’t pull a damn anorexic bitch in a tug-o-war
But then I made enough money for me to fund a tour
Now the ladies show me the goodies under their wonderbra
I’m going door to door, with foreign swords
Causing more than war slaying rappers, commercial or horrorcore
So hold your head cause I’m a torture yours, leave them open sores
I promise you it’ll be more than hard to ignore the gore
Hip hop’s dead, and I’m the lucky savior
I’m kinda mad and I don’t wanna pile up the anger
All these no-flow, gimmicky ass fired up behaviors
With wack beats and gap teeth like Tyler the Creator
Motherfucker, you not dope
So you tryna get some attention by cussing and eating a fucking cockroach?
And Goblin? You get no props on it
It sucks so much I get blowjobs from it
I been told you niggas, “I’m real! “
If you wack and no one’s confronted you on your bullshit, then I will
Hate on me, but you can’t deny skill
I crush all the momentum that you guys build with my eyes sealed
You faggots got me cussing
And only reason you probably buzzing
Is cause you slave as an Illuminati puppet
Y’all really on one, beat it, you’re gone, done
You think real niggas feeling your shit? C’mon son!
I’m the illest and that’s fo’ shizzle
My flow sizzles, yo boy Hop go hard like some cold nipples
You niggas are making it so simple
My swag makes the ladies wave like fat stomachs with bone ripples
I know you niggas wish you could prevent it
Cause I get buck like my Kool Aid’s got way too much sugar in it
You better run like I’m booger flicking
Homie I’ve been good at rapping, now I’m tryna get gooder with it
So I’m a just go beast, and bring that West coast heat
Cause I’ll be damned if you flex on me
The radio is filled with garbage over techno beats
And all these songs about cash are what we just don’t need
Yo, nobody care about how much money you stack
I murder everything I touch, buddy, move back
Got enough guts to sew trash and bust up your fluke act
And leave your fans saying, “How the fuck does he do that? “
My ranking is vicious, you thinking it isn’t?
Come pay me a visit if you feel that you may be offended
Baby I’m wicked, crazy and sick and with the face of a nimwit
I’ll be calling out names but I ain’t taking attendance
Some bitch was like, “Hop, you got me crying
Cause you said I could call you while you out on tour
Shit and I be trying, I even text you, but you not replying
So when your new shit finally drop, that’s one album I will not be buying
What, You’re too Hollywood? And you don’t even have two minutes?
Ever since you got your buzz, you don’t know how bad you tripping
You went to that ho’s house last night and you said that you didn’t
I seen your pic on Facebook, the skank bitch done tagged you in it”
I got put on with the beasty flow
Now the sluts, they wanna bone when they see me, whoa!
So I must, I take ’em home, let the wee wee grow
Then I bust from different strokes like the TV show
See when I be coming through kicking it raw, niggas like, “Gee, he’s dope”
If there’s anyone throwing dirt at my name then you know he be toast
For all of you rappers that be bringing me drama, homie please be ghost
The only reason I’m being aggressive is cause we need hope
“Hopsin, I fucking love you, cause you supply the best rhymes
Since your flow is kinda strange, you should sign with Tech N9ne
You design erect lines, who am I to just lie?
Every single night I play your music right at bedtime
And usually I’m not into dark dick
I wanna do something freaky enough to win your heart with”
I say, “What you wanna do? ” She say, “It’s simple, Marcus
I wanna blow it before you put it in like a Nintendo cartridge”
Bitch, I’m hotter than a UV ray
Hotter than the thought of Nicki Minaj naked, making her booty shake
Hot enough to pull up to your show and steal your groupie date
Hot enough to melt the ice cream that’s on Gucci’s face
And now you having hot flashes
All the shit that you ever wanted in one MC, Hop has it
Don’t rap if you do not practice
I cockblock wack shit, now get ready for HOP Madness


[jwplayer mediaid=”17640″]Hopsin’s “Ill Mind of Hopsin”

[jwplayer mediaid=”17643″]Tech N9ne “Am I A Psycho?” Official Music Video (Feat. B.o. B. and Hopsin)

Bump Rick Ross’s ‘Rich Forever’ Mixtape This Weekend

Rick Ross’s Rich Forever mixtape hit the web yesterday, and it is a great addition to your listening list for this weekend.

Shaheem Reid and DJ Scream hosted the mixtape, which features all new music from the star rapper. The mixtape has been released to give fans a preview of what they can expect from the star’s delayed album God Forgives, set to launch early this year.

The mixtape includes features from Drake, French Montana, Nas, Pharrell and Meek Mill. Rick Ross has been busy shooting the video for the mixtape’s title track in collaboration with DJ Khaleed.

Drake seems to be taking jabs at Common on the Stay Schemin track, after a recent drama when Common called out the Canadian-born rapper on his track Sweet. On the Stay Schemin track Drake Spits out, “I just ask that when you see me, you speak up ni–a that’s all/Don’t be ducking like you never wanted nothing.” Drake then adds more “It’s feeling like rap changed, it was a time it was rugged/Back when if a ni–a reached it was for the weapon, nowadays ni–as reach just to sell their record.”

You can download Rick Ross’s Rich forever mixtape here 


Dirty Money Feat. Trey Songz & Rick Ross “Your Love (Remix)”

Diddy got Trey Songz & Ricky Rozay to be on this track and it doesn’t disappoint. The Last Train To Paris in stores now.

Download – Dirty Money Feat. Trey Songz & Rick Ross “Your Love (Remix)”

Raekwon ft. Rick Ross & Ghostface Killah – “Molasses”

Here is the latest leak from Raekwon’s Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang project which is slated to drop March 8th via EMI!


Lil Wayne Going On First Tour Since Prison Release

Fans who missed Lil Wayne during his yearlong stint behind bars will get a chance to show their love for the multiplatinum rapper in person: He’s kicking off a 25-city tour in March with an all-star supporting cast.

Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Travis Barker and Mixmaster Mike will accompany Lil Wayne on his “I Am Music II” tour, which will start in Buffalo, N.Y., on March 18 and hit cities such as Atlanta, Miami, Washington and his hometown of New Orleans.

Although Lil Wayne released the album “I Am Not a Human Being” while in a New York jail for a weapons charge last year, he’s gearing up for a big return to the scene in 2011. He’s got a hit “6 Foot 7 Foot” and is due to release “Tha Carter IV” this spring.

Kanye West feat. Jay-Z,Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and Bon Iver – “Monster” Music Video

[media id=73 width=600 height=370]

Kanye drops the official vid for one of the hottest songs off the album.

Big Boi Feat. Rick Ross, Bun B & Fabolous – “Tangerine (Remix)”


Big Boi enlist some big guns for this remix that’s definitely on fire.

BET Unveils Top 10 Rappers List of the 21st Century

Eminem tops the BET Top 10 rappers of the 21st Century ListThe BET Top 10 rappers of the 21st Century list was recently unveiled after serious deliberation by a Hip Hop panel. The list was disclosed during an hour-long television special, and featured the hottest rappers of the past decade, from 2000 onward.

Again keep in mind that this isn’t an all-time list, but rather the top 10 list for rappers from the year 2000 to present, but even considering that this list just compiles the best of the best from the past 10 years, something still doesn’t seem right.

The special just aired last night on BET. Coming in at #1 on the list is Eminem (as if the pic didn’t give it away), who has sold more records than anyone on the list. Second is Lil’ Wayne, and third is Kanye. 50 Cent takes the fourth spot due to three platinum albums in the past decade and consistent hit making. Rounding out the Top 5 is rapper T.I. who is not only making hit records but also is saving people’s lives.

Here’s the complete list of BET Rappers Top 10:

1.) Eminem
2.) Lil’ Wayne
3.) Kanye West
4.) 50 Cent
5.) T.I.
6.) Ludacris
7.) Drake
8.) Young Jeezy
9.) Jadakiss
10.) Rick Ross

I’m a little surprised that Drake made the cut. I’m not saying that he’s not hot RIGHT now, but this list is supposed to be all about the past decade and his catalog isn’t long enough…yet.

The Game, Nelly, Eve, Gucci Mane, and Fabolous all were part of the final 15 but didn’t make the final cut.

To compile the list, BET put out a list of rappers for hip-hop fans to vote on. After 25,000 votes, a list of just fifteen rappers remained. That list was judged by a “Hip-Hop Supreme Court” which was headed by Justice Big Tigger.

According to BET’s website the “Supreme Court” deciding panel consisted of: Jermaine Dupri (Producer – ATL); Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur (; Boy 1da (Producer);DJ Diamond Kuts (Power 99 FM – Philadelphia); DJ Greg Street (V103 – ATL); Tony Neal (CEO, Core DJs); DJ Timbuck2 (107.5 WGCI – Chicago); Chloe Hilliard (Managing Editor/Social Media Manager, Vibe Magazine – NYC); and DJ Vlad ( – NYC).

What do you guys think about this list? Who should’ve been included or left off? Sound off below.

T.I. Feat. Rick Ross – “Pledge Allegiance to the Swag”


Maybe this is the reason why T.I. gets into so much trouble.  But you gotta admit that the song is dope.

T-Pain Feat. Rick Ross – “Rap Song”


Erykah Badu Feat. Rick Ross – “Window Seat” Remix

Young Jeezy’s Subliminal Shots; Is Rick Ross the intended victim? You be the Judge.

At the beginning of the year, if someone was to mention the acronym “B.M.F”, many hip hop heads and southern rap fans would reminisce back to the white tees that it once emblemed. The Black Mafia Family was not just one of the biggest drug trafficking rings in America, but its investment and presence in the music industry proved to be very lucrative. It was a movement like no other, a southern takeover if you will. Backed by founders Big Meech and Southern T with Young Jeezy being pushed as the new face of the south. But like every good mafia movie, the feds got involved, some people snitched, a lot of people went to jail, leaving BMF to be a legendary afterthought. Jeezy made his mark in hip hop despite the scandal, and is still looked at as the voice of the streets.

Fast-forward to Rick Ross’ single “BMF: Blow Money Fast”, which has become a street anthem for your local weed man, strippers, gangstas, and soccer moms on their way to work. Its impact reaching the holding cell of the notorious “Big Meech”, who has co-signed the song and Ricky Rozay’s success.

But this is hip hop people, conflict is brewing somewhere. Sure enough to fan’s expectations, the long awaited freestyle from Young Jizzle made it onto the web and if you haven’t heared it, here it is. He starts of by shouting out his former capo and reminding us of their status in the game yet some words stuck out from the highly debated audio; “How you blowin’ money fast, You don’t know the crew, Are you part of the fam? Shit I never knew”. Could this spark tension at DJ Khaled’s Def Jam offices? Its hardly likely that the two heavyweights under the same umbrella would go head to head, when their missions are very similar. With many collaborations between the two, it wouldn’t be a good look to wage war when both parties have the same allies. Let’s just see what Rozay will say. Until then, I will keep the coverage going so leave your comments here, would love to hear from you all.

Ya boi Szodiac with another twist, signing off.

Rick Ross Lands at Strip Club in Helicopter

Rick Ross ft. Styles P – “B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast)” Music Video

Diddy (Dirty Money) Feat. Nicki Minaj & Rick Ross – “Hello Good Morning (Remix)”

T-Pain’s “Freaknik: The Musical” Cartoon Trailer

T-Pain stars as The Ghost Of Freaknik Past and is joined by cast mates Lil’ Wayne (who voices a character named Jesus), Cee-Lo, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, Big Boi, Lil Jon, Charlie Murphy, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, DJ Pooh, DJ Drama, Kelis, Kel Mitchell, and Saturday Night Live cast members Andy Samberg and Bill Hader.

The one-hour special airs March 7th on Adult Swim.