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Your City. Your World. Your Twist.

Everyone has a voice. What’s yours?

If you’re like us, you know that trying to get your voice heard can be a frustrating experience.  Which is the reason why, and how, The Urban Twist was founded.

Your “twist” is basically how you view the world and what you are doing in this world to share those views with others.

The Urban Twist is a platform which allows journalists and bloggers the opportunity to get their voices heard and read, and for them to also be able to take home the revenue their articles generate over their lifetime.

Interested in becoming a writer for The Urban Twist?

Are you ready to jump in to the world of blogging? Unless you’ve reached this page by error, that answer is probably yes. The good thing is, you’re in the right place. We are currently looking for ambitious writers with all levels of experience to join our team of contributors.

We are always looking for strong passionate writers who are motivated to develop and write engaging content.

Why you should write with us

An established website

The Urban Twist was founded in 2006 by 5 college friends who just wanted to talk about any and everything related to urban culture, but as the website grew, it expanded to include several mainstream and more popular stories as well.

The Urban Twist then became a daily digital magazine, revolutionizing the news by delivering real-time coverage, breaking news, analysis and opinion on the arts, fashion, dining, music, events, politics, sports and society in general.

The Urban Twist is an online news magazine where you can make, break, shape, and share the news as it happens.

The opportunities that are available for our writers are directly tied to the level of commitment that a writer demonstrates for our site. Current and past contributors have had opportunities to interview celebrities and gain access to red carpet events.  We’ve even had contributors move on to start their own foundations and their own websites after using us as a launching pad.

Exposure for your writing

We have an evergrowing social media following that well exceeds 100K+ and counting. What does this mean? You’ll get exposure by writing for one of the nation’s leading online urban entertainment and social media mags out. Your article will get social media promotion through our ever-growing twitter and Facebook channels and shared across our social media pages which has over 100k+ followers and counting. Top articles will also be included in our email mailing list of 15,000+ readers.


Experience is a valuable commodity. If you’re looking to become a full-time journalist or freelancer, we’ll give you a great launching pad and invaluable experience in the article creation process. We’ll teach you how to use one of the most popular publishing programs, and how to adhere to best practices for online media creation.

Who we are looking for

Anyone! But we’re primarily wanting writers who are looking for exposure for their writings and an opportunity to get real world experience.

We do not necessarily require you to have any experience as an established writer or blogger. However, if you do not have a blog for us to take a look at, we would need to take a look at some of your sample writings since we’d have to know and be certain that you can write well because possessing good writing skills is obviously critical with this position.

If this still sounds like you, read on!

Ok, I’m interested. How do I start?

Read on below to find out what we’re looking for in new contributors.

Payment – Yes (Dependent on page views)

Requirements –  We are only looking for ambitious writers who are looking to actively contribute to the site on a daily basis, preferably multiple articles per day and the desire to take on assignments which include reviews, guides, list style articles, and more.  You will meet weekly requirements for article quotas and monthly requirements for traffic quotas.

Our main areas of interest are:

  • News Articles: This one is self-explanatory.  Anything trending on the world wide web or breaking news would apply here. News articles could cover any category and topics that we cover on our site.  Some examples can be seen below in our rules section.
  • Viral News Stories: Stories that are going viral and have created great discussion among those who have seen or heard about the story.  A good example of a recent viral story would be Charlo Greene quitting her reporter job live on air.
  • Music, Film, and Video Games Reviews.
  • List posts.
  • Original News Stories: You’re the reporter.  You’ve discovered this bit of news, so why not report it on our site?  Let your creativity and freedom of expression run wild with these kinds of pieces.
  • Op-Ed  News Articles: These kinds of articles are the backbone of what The Urban Twist is all about.  We love for our writers to share their opinion or “twist”, as we like to call it, on a wide variety of subjects that are near to them.  These kinds of pieces are specially created to form some sort of dialog and feedback with our readers.  Whether good or bad feedback is given, creating discussion is critical with these kinds of articles.

Voluntary Contributors

If the above doesn’t sound like you, but you are interested in contributing to our site we would still like to talk with you.  Voluntary contribution to our site will still have some expectations attached to it, but far less than what’s listed above.

Apply Today!

If you think you have what it takes and you are ready to write in-depth premium content, apply today to become a contributor.

We are interested in forging long-term collaborations with our writers. If accepted, we’ll provide you with detailed guidelines and suggestions, so you will know exactly what we expect and what we are interested in.

Note: We are not accepting any guest posts at the moment. We are also not interested in SEO companies, Content producers, or anyone trying to link-bait using our site for guest posting and articles that are not related to our core audience.  We’re looking for actual journalists and bloggers.

Also Please Note: Just because you apply to become a writer on our site doesn’t guarantee that we will accept you.  We unfortunately are not able to email everyone who applies due to number of submissions that we receive.


On top of these 6 simple steps to getting started writing and earning on The Urban Twist we have a resource center. You can explore it here. It has guides on everything from getting started to writing reviews and lists.


Before you jump into the world of revenue share content writing there are some things you should understand. First of all, while writing on The Urban Twist your revenue will come from a few different sources.

You will generate most of your earnings from AdSense. Adsense pays out at around $2-$3 per 1,000 views, but it is subject to change and depends on content. On top of that, we also partner up with affiliate programs such as Amazon but the going rate is based on our Adsense revenue generated.

PLEASE NOTE: We can and will negotiate better rates for those authors who have the ability to bring in more traffic than the norm through their followings.


Once you’re satisfied that you want to write for The Urban Twist you can jump into the exciting community and get to know everyone. First however, you’ll need to apply.


Okay, so you’ve applied and registered an account, you’re wondering what is next. First of all you need to decide what you want from The Urban Twist. Are you going to be an occasional book reviewer who earns beer money or are you going to be a hardcore contributor who writes 3-4 highly polished articles a day and tops our earning leader board?

If you cannot decide, but still want to contribute as a writer, and be part of the community you can take your time but please keep in mind that to be eligible as a paid contributor, you must average at least 3 posts per week.


Once you have decided what type of writer you want to be (there is no commitment, so do what you want really), it’s time to start writing content.

You will earn advertising revenue on all lists you write, but you’ll earn a lot more if you write product orientated lists that feature 5+ items linked from different affiliate sources. We have listed all the companies we are partnered with here, so you can pick and choose products from them for maximum earnings.


So you’ve done your research, you’ve spent hours writing a high quality post… now what? Well after you click submit an editor will take a look at your post. We have a dedicated team of editors who take quality very seriously. If they think the quality is good enough they will create a stylish thumbnail and header image for your post and submit it.

If there are some minor problems with grammar and spelling then the editors will correct them and post your edited post. If your post does not meet our quality standards then it may be rejected. Feel free to contact the person who rejected your post for an explanation.

Editing can take up to a few days as we get a lot of post submission, but it is normally a lot faster. If you get a track record of creating high quality posts then you may be able to eventually approve your posts on your own.


So you’ve submitted a bunch of high quality articles and reviews, you’ve added hundreds of items to lists…where are the earnings?

As you write lists and articles for The Urban Twist you will soon realize that there is no secret bullet to earning lots of money online. If your content is quality and your list contributions are the best you will soon see your earnings picking up. The Urban Twist is a growing website so an article you write now may not earn a lot now, but in the future it could go viral and get a lot of traffic.

This is part of the beauty of The Urban Twist. You earn from your article for as long as it is live.