Disney’s First Black Princess

Disney's first Black princess
Disney's first Black princess

Disney's first Black princess

Once upon a time, video hoes ruled the media airwaves. They were a plentiful bunch that would do ANYTHING for a buck. They’d shake it, wobble it, and act very strange…but only for a small piece of change. They should have known that they wouldn’t get far! For Disney has set sail a ship into uncharted waters…a Black princess.That’s right! Black females finally have a princess to call our own. Her name is Maddy, and she is The Frog Princess.

Disney has commenced production on a new project, The Frog Princess.The “musical fairy tale” takes place in New Orleans’ French Quarter, and is long overdue! The storyline has not yet been released, but I don’t need a plot to know that this could be just what little Black girls are missing.


There are several benefits to this new picture.  It is the first time in years that a Disney film will be completely hand drawn.  I can appreciate them returning to the original form of the art of cartooning.  The New Orleans setting is a plus too.  Bringing The Big Easy back from out of sight could only help the partially rebuilt city.
Disney didn’t wait a moment too soon either.  At a time when Black children are choosing White dolls to play with over Black dolls, we badly need a positive image to cling to.  As a young girl, I watched and enjoyed Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty.

However, my subconscious would not allow me to attach myself to any of them.  That’s another story, though!  I did, at one point in 1995, adopt Pocahontas as my own, but as a freshman in High School, I was unquestionably too old to be a princess.  It is VITAL for a young Black girl to have positive images at an early age.  Without a princess, one might find a Black girl hating herself, hating other Black women (guilty as charged), or even shaking it fast in a video!  And we all know that a girl like that wouldn’t get far.

Look out for Maddy, The Frog Princess!  She is scheduled to make history in 2009.

Brennen Jones
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