Disney’s First Black Princess

Disney makes history with “The Frog Princess”, the first EVER Black Disney Princess. So what does that mean for us?
Disney's first Black princess
Disney's first Black princess

Once upon a time, video hoes ruled the media airwaves. They were a plentiful bunch that would do ANYTHING for a buck. They’d shake it, wobble it, and act very strange…but only for a small piece of change. They should have known that they wouldn’t get far! For Disney has set sail a ship into uncharted waters…a Black princess.That’s right! Black females finally have a princess to call our own. Her name is Maddy, and she is The Frog Princess.

Disney has commenced production on a new project, The Frog Princess.The “musical fairy tale” takes place in New Orleans’ French Quarter, and is long overdue! The storyline has not yet been released, but I don’t need a plot to know that this could be just what little Black girls are missing.

There are several benefits to this new picture.  It is the first time in years that a Disney film will be completely hand drawn.  I can appreciate them returning to the original form of the art of cartooning.  The New Orleans setting is a plus too.  Bringing The Big Easy back from out of sight could only help the partially rebuilt city.
Disney didn’t wait a moment too soon either.  At a time when Black children are choosing White dolls to play with over Black dolls, we badly need a positive image to cling to.  As a young girl, I watched and enjoyed Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty.

However, my subconscious would not allow me to attach myself to any of them.  That’s another story, though!  I did, at one point in 1995, adopt Pocahontas as my own, but as a freshman in High School, I was unquestionably too old to be a princess.  It is VITAL for a young Black girl to have positive images at an early age.  Without a princess, one might find a Black girl hating herself, hating other Black women (guilty as charged), or even shaking it fast in a video!  And we all know that a girl like that wouldn’t get far.

Look out for Maddy, The Frog Princess!  She is scheduled to make history in 2009.

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