Chicago Police Beatings Caught on Tape!

What do you do when those who are supposed to protect and serve are serving the kind of beatings you need protection from?

Many may have seen the recent beating that took place in a Chicago bar when an off-duty police officer beat a female bartender who refused to serve him more alcohol because he was already drunk. The entire incident, which happened a little over a month ago, was caught on surveillance camera and recently released to the public.

Now, there is another police beating caught on tape at another bar in Chicago! This incident occurred between 6 off-duty police officers and 4 businessmen.

The police beating of the 4 businessmen took place at the Jefferson Tap and Grille on December 15thThe video is yet to be released to the public and the victims in this case are infuriated that no formal actions have been taken yet. The men, brothers Aaron and Barry Gilfand, Adam Mastrucci and Scott Lowrance say they had no contact with the off duty policemen before they were jumped. According to the men and accounts from those who have seen the video, they were jumped without just cause.

In the video, according the spokesmen for the men Sally Saltzberg, a large man (one of the off-duty officers) approached Aaron Gilfand while he and his friends were shooting pool. The officer said something to the businessman who responded ‘sure man,’ because he couldn’t hear what he said due to the noise in the bar. Another off duty officer grabbed Gilfand and put him in a chokehold. The other three men were attacked simultaneously and thrown to the floor. Barry Gilfand was dragged out to the side walk and beaten and Lowrance was knocked out after one blow.

Other patrons at the bar called the police after the assault continued (not knowing the attackers were police because they were off duty). According to Saltzberg, Aaron Gilfand ran up to one of the police cars and tried to get them to help his brother who was still ebing beaten. The video shows one of the off-duty officers who was a sergeant waving off a responding officer and then the responding policemen leaving the scene. The Gilfands and Mastrucci ran from the scene and got medical treatment. One of the men is going to need reconstructive surgery on his face and another man has four broken ribs.

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