Cam’ron Talks to Police!!

Some of you might have seen Cam'ron tell 60 Minutes he would NEVER talk to police about a crime. Well... that hasn't always been the case.

Last night on 60 Minutes, rapper Cam’ron Giles said that he would not talk to police even if a serial killer was living next door to him. In his rise to prominence, he made news by not cooperating with the police when he was shot in D.C. in 2005 after Howard\’s homecoming. How gangsta right? Apparently, Cam must have been eating his ‘Gangsta Wheaties’ ever since a 1999 altercation at the Rucker in New York.

During the police investigation of the brawl, Cam’ron was listed as ‘cooperating’ with the police, according to documents on (click here to see the documents). The fight that took place, was between members of the Junior Mafia and Dipset. Cam’ron told the police that he was in a verbal dispute, then got knocked to the ground and kicked in the head and groin. Looks like Cam must have had amnesia, because he failed to make any mention of this “police cooperation” during the 60 Minutes interview.

Below is a video of the 1999 incident, which is narrated by Lil Cease of the Junior Mafia, who also happens to be well known for communicating with the boys in blue. Please excuse the ignorance in this video. How could you fault Cam’ron and Jim Jones for running when they were out numbered by double digits? That’s mathematics homey.

This video is pretty long, you can see most of the action in the beginning.

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