Michael Jackson vs. Chris Cornell

Can you believe that they are actually trying to compare this guy to MJ?
The case is closed!

There’s nothing in common with the both of them other than the song ‘Billie Jean’, which this guy just so happens to steal, or as they call it “cover”, from MJ and tries to treat it as his own.

It’s creating a huge stir on the internet with people on message boards all across the world debating over whose rendition of the song is better.  Google “Chris Cornell” and you’ll see what I mean.

Chris Cornell is the lead singer for a hard rock group called Audioslave and I don’t see how there could even be a possible valid argument to this nonsense or so-called foolishness.  I mean, I never been a fan of hard rock music, but to each their own.  That’s not even the point.  The point is how could someone in a right state of mind really believe that this Chris Cornell’s rendition is better than the originator’s.

‘Billie Jean’ is a classic.  Michael Jackson is an icon.  Case closed!

I guess this is why they say that artists of today lack creativity to the point where they have to steal other people’s songs.  Check out the clips below and tell me what you think.

Chris Cornell performing ‘Billie Jean’ live at Nissan Yahoo Live Sets

Michael Jackson performing Billie Jean Live – First Moonwalk

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