Notorious Stabbing After The Show!

This is why sometimes it seems that some black folks just can’t come together and have a good time. This was EXTREMELY uncalled for. Violence erupted at an afterparty for the recent release of the Biggie biopic, “Notorious,” leaving four men stabbed in a New York City nightclub.

According to the Associated Press, a party advertised as the afterparty for the film premiere, left a 21-year-old man in critical condition after being stabbed numerous time, while three others were stable.

The stabbing took place at the Djumbala club is in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn on Saturday (January 17).

At press time, what sparked the incident is unknown, and police would not release any further information.

While the party had been promoted as the “official” afterparty, “Notorious” distributor, Fox Searchlight, said it was not related.

In other related Biggie News, the film is on pace to pull in over $25 million dollars this weekend at the box office.

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