Beyonce Headed to Def Jam?


There are 2 rumors floating around. Either Bey is headed Def Jam or Jay is leaving Def Jam, so he and Beyonce can create their own label.

So which rumor is right?  No one really knows for sure. is reporting that after Beyonce finishes her last two ablums on Sony, she\’s rollin out faster than Meth & Red can spark up a blunt.  A bunch of other sites have stated that Bey and Jay will unite to create a superlabel.  Apparently, in Jay\’s contract with Def Jam, it\’s stated that he can buy the rights to any of the artists he has signed to Def Jam.  You know Hov has deep pockets too.  So, if this rumor turns out to be true, then you could see Kanye, Ne-Yo, Rhianna, etc. all joining Bey and Jigga\’s new label.


I’ll keep you posted if anything transpires.  Heck, if all the past rumors about Bey and Jay were true they would have been married, expecting a child, and in heaven sitting on thrones by now.  However, I could see one of them leaving their label.  I mean, Jay has already proven that he is a constant hustler.  Plus, I hear that he\’s pretty controlling with Bey.  In fact, in \”Lost One\”, he rapped about how he got mad when she didn\’t give him enough time.  So what better way to keep tabs on your woman than to have her working with you 24/7?

We’ll keep you posted….

Brennen Jones
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