Kobe got His “Dennis Rodman” with Ron Artest


Kobe will still have to hear Artest's mouth...but in practice

No matter where he turns, Kobe can’t seem to escape the MJ comparisons, and for good reasons.  He’s winning championships.  His endorsements and market visibility are seemingly at an all time high.  He’s the best player in league.  He’s the world’s most recognizable basketball player.

And now he has Dennis Rodman on his team.  Just like Mike did when he was winning his 2nd 3-peat with the Bulls.

Well not quite, but Kobe does have a player now who in a lot of ways is that same combustible-type player that Rodman was, with Ron Artest.  How ironic it is that Ron Artest was last seen playing for the Rockets, the only team that took Kobe’s champion Lakers to seven game in the Playoffs.  I guess Artest figured that if you can’t beat them then you should join them.

In a weird twist of fate, the acquisition of Ron Artest meant that the Lakers could let Trevor Ariza walk and guess where he is now headed.  Yep.  To the Rockets.

Even though the Lakers and Rockets acquisition of the players were via Free Agency, this pretty much amounts to a trade that the lakers got the better off.

I’m not that much of a Lakers fan, but i do respect them.  The NBA season is in full swing in the Summer and looks to be shaping up to be a very nice season-to-be.

How many of you out there think the Lakers will repeat with Ron Artest now one of Kobe’s sidekicks?