“Vibe Photographer” Feels Up Wannabe Models

keith lloyd nichols

keith lloyd nicholsThis dude here thought it was a good idea to pose for Vibe Magazine so he could feel on some women’s breastssssss and things.  And for some strange reason, his plan worked.

A South Los Angeles man accused of posing as a magazine photographer and persuading young women to bare their breasts and genitals so he could grope them was behind bars early Friday, police said.

Keith Lloyd Nichols, 22, has been in custody since he surrendered to Los Angeles police about 1 p.m. Thursday.


Nichols allegedly told several young women he was a photographer for Vibe Magazine, and they agreed to disrobe and let him measure their breasts and groins for custom-fitted underwear, Capt. Blake Chow of the Los Angeles Police Department said earlier.

Nichols told the women that if their measurements were right, they could get modeling jobs with Vibe Magazine, Chow said.

The women realized they had been duped when Nichols never returned phone calls, Chow said.

The measuring sessions often took place in secluded, public places, where Nichols used a measuring tape as a prop, Chow said.


“While none of the woman recalled him taking photographs, Nichols did touch the women’s bare breasts and groins with his hands,” Chow said.

“The lure of Hollywood and a big career in modeling blinded these girls from reality,” Chow said. “That’s what con artists rely on.”

Nichols’ bail was set at $20,501, according to jail records. He remained behind bars but it was unclear where he was being held, a Los Angeles County jailer said in a telephone interview early Friday.

I heard of many scams.  I heard of the Nigerian 419 scamI heard of the IRS email scams.  I even heard about the little old lady that wanted to buy groceries scam.  But I never, I repeat never, heard of a custom panties scam.  This guy takes the gold medal for being a creative idiot.

People, please wake up!  If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

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