Beyonce’s Heat: Releases Her Own Fragrance

Beyonce launches “Heat”, her new fragrance just in time for Valentine’s Day.
Heat Bottle

Beyonce is doing it again.  And that is making money.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  Beyonce is launching a new fragrance line called “Heat”, just in time for the upcoming lovers day holiday, Valentine’s Day.

For the fragrance’s name, Knowles drew from her past tours. “A lot of my performances have had fire involved, so we thought ‘Heat.’ Also, red is one of my favorite colors, as is gold,” she noted; both colors frame the bottle. “So then we thought of making the bottle look like it’s on fire. I love antique bottles — my mother had a collection of them when I was growing up. I wanted someth

ing with an antique yet modern feeling. Even with my wardrobe, I always try to find things that have a little bit of something vintage, yet still timeless and classic. The bottle, I felt, was a great mixture of the two.” [source]

I can dig the concept behind the name.  Let’s just hope that this “heat” doesn’t burn the skin when applied.


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