Is Matthew Knowles Replacing Simon Cowell on American Idol?

Is Matthew Knowles replacing Simon Cowell on American Idol?

Matthew Knowles could replace Simon CowellThis may just be one of those bogus rumors circulating the web, but I wouldn’t be surprised based on it appearing that Idol is trying to shake it up a bit for the upcoming season. They got rid of Paula and brought in Ellen. Now there’s rumors stating that Matthew Knowles may replace the man himself, Simon, if Simon doesn’t renew his contract.

This rumor may be a little too far-fetched. Now if the rumor was that Matthew Knowles might replace Randy, that’s more believeable. But c’mon man! We’re talking about Simon, the guy who is American Idol.

Well anyway, if it’s true, American Idol producers must think that since Mr. Knowles turned Beyonce into the biggest star in the world, that he could do the same for their contestants. That may be true and all, but the producers better not overlook his other client, Beyonce’s sister, Solange…and let’s just say that she’s not AS successful as her big sis.

If the change were to take place, it wouldn’t happen until 2011.

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