Whitney Houston may be back on drugs, friends fear.

Is Whitney Houston Back on Drugs?

Whitney Houston may be back on drugs, friends fear.I hope that this isn’t true.  She seemed to have turned her life around.  Here’s how the National Enquirer is reporting it:

Whitney Houston’s recent erratic behavior has friends fearing she’s using drugs again and will wreck her comeback. The pop diva – who’s publicly admitted to battling drugs for years – has been on top of the charts with a new CD, but she’s now displaying the same sketchy behavior that blighted her once blazing hot career, say insiders.

“Everyone is worried about her,” revealed a source. “Whitney seems to go from being a nervous wreck to being completely out of it in a short period of time – just like she did when she was freebasing and using crack cocaine. “She is still drinking and with Whitney, alcohol and drugs have always gone hand-in-hand. She’s worked so hard to get back on top. It would be tragic for it to go up in smoke because she can’t stay clean.”

Now, under pressure to continue her comeback, Whitney appears tense and overanxious, said the source, adding: “You can’t help worrying that she’s slipped back into some of her bad habits.”

Maybe Bobby wasn’t the problem afterall.

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