Skillz Presents 2009’s Rap-Up


This is an annual tradition that I look forward to seeing each year and every year the boy Skillz delivers.

At the turn of every year, the rapper drops the anticipated freestyle, and covers almost every big topic of 2009, including Michael Jackson’s death, Barack Obama’s Inauguration, the 50 Cent/Rick Ross beef, Drake’s breakout, Balloon Boy, the Cash 4 Clunkers program, and even the H1N1 virus.


Here’s a little of what is said:

“50 and Rick Ross, that’s a new level of beef / LeBron [James] got dunked on and he ain’t want us to see it / The news of Chris and Rihanna broke into the streets / T-Pain got on to that golf cart and broke some teeth / Tiny and Toya got a show, that’s crazy / Tiny, you gonna get a new season, ‘Yeaah baby,’ — Rick Ross shades was phony and fake / Enter a newcomer by the name of Drake / The industry gotta get it in gear / Because it’s bad when a mixtape is really album of the year … Eminem and Mariah seemed bitter, and we all took to this little thing called Twitter … Chris Brown — now that’s my guy, but how he do an interview and all y’all notice was the bow tie / The media went hard, Chris you want us to forget just say what really happened in the car / Rihanna, she kept quiet, until she had an album to sell, but we still ain’t buy it / Mick Vick and A.I. — back in action and we were shocked by the loss of Mr. Michael Jackson…”

[You can listen to the track here.]
Brennen Jones
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