Obama Doll is Lynched in Georgia

Those racists are at it again.

Those racists are at it again.  Why can’t people be more constructive with their time?  If people spent the time and energy to do positive things instead of ridiculous atrocities, this world would be a better place.

Some racists in Plains, Georgia hung a doll symbolizing President Obama.

Coincidentally, the doll was hung outside of a sign that reads…

“Plains, Georgia. Home of our 39th President Jimmy Carter.”

As many of you may remember, Jimmy Carter infamously stood up for the Prez and was one if not the most prominent figure to decry the animosity being thrown against President Obama is due to racism. And President Jimmy Carter caught flack from almost every main stream conservative out there for simply telling the truth.

A witness told police that the doll wore a sign with President Obama’s name on it.

If you look closely you can see a cut-out image of the President’s face on the doll.

The Secret Service is still searching for leads…

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