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Chris Henry’ Fiance Not Being Charged With His Murder

Chris Henry’s fiance is off the hook for his death…for now at least she won’t be hit with murder charges.

“The speed limit on Oakdale Road is 35 mph and the estimated speed at the time of accident was between 19-23 mph,” police said in a statement.

Police say Henry and Tonga were arguing at home owned by Tonga’s family in northwest Charlotte on the morning of Dec. 16 when Tonga attempted to drive away. A witness said he saw a shirtless Henry jump into the back of the truck.

A 911 caller said she saw Henry beating on the back window as she drove behind the truck. About a minute later, another 911 caller said he saw an unresponsive man laying in the road.

Henry died a day later of blunt-force trauma to the head. He was 26.

“Homicide detectives interviewed Ms. Tonga who was cooperative throughout the duration of the investigation,” police said. “Her statement was consistent with witness accounts. However, there were no witnesses that actually saw how Mr. Henry came out of the back of the truck.”

Tonga told ESPN this week that Henry jumped out of the back, but was not trying to harm himself. She said she thinks Henry thought he would land safely and may have been scared because he saw someone calling the police.

Maybe this is a good move.  Maybe not.  I’m sure she suffered enough.  “Murder” is such a strong word because can anyone say that without a shadow of doubt that she killed her fiance?

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