Cop May Get Jail Time For Having Sex During Service…Church Service

A cop in Germany took one lady’s “offering” a little too far during church service.

A Police officer faces jail time over him apparently having sex in the gallery of a catholic church while service was actually still on.

Regional police spokesman Hans-Peter Kammerer tells the German news agency DAPD that a visitor discovered the off-duty 26-year-old policeman with a woman in the church in Rennertshofen in Bavaria during an early morning service last week.

The couple fled, but a church employee recognized the policeman, who works in the nearby town of Ingolstadt, the Associated Press reports.

Kammerer says the officer has been suspended, faces further disciplinary action and could face criminal charges for “disruption of a religious practice.”

The Bild tabloid says the priest was appalled.

“It makes me deeply sad when people no longer have an inhibition threshold,” the priest is quoted as saying. [Source]

If convicted on the disruption of religious practice charges alone, that carries a 3 year sentence.  This cat is facing some serious time for not being able to exercise his sexual demons.What do you guys think?  Should this man serve three years behind bars for getting his freak on in the middle of church service?

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