NBA Suspends Gilbert Arenas Indefinitely Over Guns Fiasco

This could mark the beginning of the end for Agent Zero as a Washington Wizard. Yesterday came word that the NBA Commissioner, David Stern, laid down the hammer on Gilbert Arenas for him bringing guns on NBA property which is obviously against the law. No matter where you work, you can’t simply bring guns whether they’re loaded or not, to your place of business.

And to make matters worst for Gil, is that he had a nonchalant and sly attitude towards the events that led him suspended, which added more fuel to the fire and made even that more easier for David Stern to suspend him indefinitely.

Though Arenas first apologized on Monday for his poor judgment and promised “to do better in the future,” he also joked on Twitter about the incident and the media firestorm it created. That was exactly the wrong tact for Stern, whose league has taken another public relations hit.

Then Arenas was photographed (photo above) before a game in Philadelphia pointing his index fingers, as if they were guns, at his teammates, as if the ish is funny.

Some cats will never learn. Arenas, already signed to the most ridiculous contract valued at $111 Million, may soon have that contract nullified due to a morality clause that is almost certainly to be invoked by the Wizards.

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