Accused Cop Killer Says His Treatment in Prison is Unfair, Begs For Execution

When you do bad things such as killing a person, you should go to prison, right?   And let’s…
Cop Killer Ashford Thompson

Cop Killer Ashford ThompsonWhen you do bad things such as killing a person, you should go to prison, right?   And let’s just say that the person you killed happens to be a cop, what type of time do you really expect to have in Prison?  Definitely not some type of church picnic.

Well, lets all just pity poor Ashford Thompson.  He is having a hard time right now in prison.   He’s an accused cop killer of a Twinsburg, Ohio police officer.  And when I say accused, I’m just being formal and polite because he hasn’t been convicted yet even though accepted blame for this crime numerous times and he’s even in the vid below asking for the judge to execute him now because he doesn’t like the way he’s being treated in Prison because of it.

Describing his life in jail since the 2008 murder, Thompson, 24, explained to the judge the “harassment” that he’s had to deal with behind bars, including not receiving mail and having his bed sheets taken away.

“Just execute me. … I’m tired of it. I’m at the end of my rope. What can I do?,” Thompson told the judge.

Talk about acting like a little Beeyotch!  Maybe he should’ve thought about how he would be treated in Prison after he killed a cop, before he actually killed the cop.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Officer Joshua Miktarian during this most diffiult time.

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