The Hate List! The Beginning Part 2

Hate List! These are some of the things in life that i hate.  Many people can relate to…

Hate List! These are some of the things in life that i hate.  Many people can relate to some of these topics, some may not. I don’t care, matter of fact i hate you for not hating these topics with me. Here is the Hate List!

1. I hate people that only wash the tips of their fingers and not their whole hand. Nasty bastard!

2. I hate people that say pacific instead of specific.  My aunt, “I pacific lee told you to get corn and not green beans”. My uncle, ” boy, be more pacific when you asking for something”.  I just kindly look at them with a blank face and say nothing.

3. I hate Fun Bandits. These are the people that you wish you didn’t hang around when you go out. They are always taking the fun out of stuff. Like my friend that wants to talk about how women are disrepecting themselves, while we are sitting at the bar in a strip club. I just kindly turn to him and said, “can u shut the hell up, so i can watch this dancer clap without using her hands”.

4. I hate that my son walked in the bathroom on me, then told everyone else in the house that my daddy is sitting down to pee. I will lock the door for now on.  And I was not sitting down to pee.

5. I hate people that eat hotdogs backwards.

6. I hate Ray Parker Jr for selling out and making the Ghost Busters theme song and creating the catch phrase, “I ain’t fraid of no ghost”.

7. I hate that hospitals can block out cellphones but inmates still have cellphones and call out on a daily basis.

8. I hate being alone and having morning wood.

9.  I  hate White people for creating hot air balloons and wanting to fly them around the world.  I hate Black people for not quite figuring out that organize crime, needs ororganization.  I hate Asian people mainly because Wang the guy that use to sit in front of me at UMBC would not let me cheat off his paper, I mean he wouldn’t… help during testing time. I really wanted to karate chop him in his size 7 feet,

but out of fear that he actually knew karate i thought against it!

10. I hate Martel’s Retro Black Barbie. I am still waiting to see the AfriKen doll.

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