Once again this is a list of the things in life I hate.  I see the world different…

Once again this is a list of the things in life I hate.  I see the world different then most people, so I am just sharing what I see and how I see it. Some of you might be offended by some of my topics; homosexuality, politics, religion, sex, midgets, public opinions, and pure uncut dumbassness.  So if you feel that I will offend you, it’s cool, because I hate you and your opinion. But I would appreciate it if you continue to read my list.  Here’s the next edition of my Hate List!


1. I hate splitting the bill when I go out to eat with a group of friends or coworkers. I know I only had the appetizer and you want me to pay $35.  On top of the fact that I don’t know some of the greedy ass people I am splitting the bill with.

 2. I hate when you’re in a long line at the supermarket or Walmart and another cashier opens up and says,” I will take the next person in line.” Then the douche bag bastard at the end of the line rushes over to that cashier.  These people should be dropped kick as they leave the store.

3.  I hate that I have a bad habit of telling people that I am only 5 minutes away, but I am really just leaving my house on the other side of town.

4. I hate people with weird voices.  I had to tell the man with the voice box on his throat, to get the hell away from me after he asked me the time.   His voice freaked me out.

5.  I hate that my brother looks like our father. And I look like our father’s best friend.

6. I hate the guy that I was fighting a few years back, who told me to fight like a man. As my upper and lower mandible was biting into the side of his stomach, while he had me in a head lock, I gritted out the words, “there are no rules in fighting, except to win.”

7.  I hate the mutant Mcnuggets or double Mcnugget at McDonalds. Mainly because the douche bags at McDonalds counts them as two and not one, they should count as one. Hence theorically increasing my nugget count.


8.  I hate that no matter what state I go to, the McDonald’s in the Black Community continues to let me down.  Poor customer service, poor product performance, and THE DAMN SHAKE MACHINE IS ALWAYS BROKE. EXPLAIN YOURSELF!

9.  I hate that due to affirmative action, the Green Lantern is black. This is the one time that I am firmly against affirmative action. I grew up with a white Green Lantern not a black one. Hold up, if I live by that theory I am uncomfortable with Barak Obama as president of the United States. This hate topic is to be continued until I can get my ideas together.

10.  I hate my ex-girlfriend for leaving me with a slight discomfort when I urinate.


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