Lil Wayne Takes in Jay-Z Concert While Waiting to Serve His Time

Lil Wayne’s still free…so he took in a Jay-Z concert.
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Lil Wayne has been waiting ever so patiently to do his time for his gun possesion charge.  First, his sentencing was delayed because of his much needed dental work.  He caught another break Tuesday afternoon when a court house fire erupted in the basement.  With another breather in hand and with more time to spare, Lil Wayne apparently showed up at a Jay-Z concert and nearly stole the limelight from Hov.

The rapper was awarded his second court postponement Tuesday afternoon after a fire broke out in the courthouse basement — and the former Dwayne Carter took full advantage of the break.

That evening, the 27-year-old — who’d previously avoided sentencing because he needed a round of dental surgery — headed to the Jay-Z show at Madison Square Garden, where he nearly stole the spotlight from Hova himself.

When Wayne appeared onstage with female rapper du jour Nicki Minaj and Young Jeezy, the crowd went wild.

Afterward, Weezy eschewed the official afterparty at 40/40 and instead headed to the studio.

“He wanted to get some more tracks down before his sentencing,” says an insider. “There are plenty of musicians who want to work with him in the next year when he’s locked up.” [source]

Lil Wayne most definitely has someone watching out for him.  At least he’s making the most of his extra time being a free man.

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