The Hate List: Brought to You By The Letter X

Today’s Hate List is brought to you by the letter X.
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Today’s Hate List is brought to you by the letter X.  I hate the letter X, it has no real sound.  Lets take the word X-ray the only letter in the alphabet that the name of the letter is the sound used in the word. It steals the sound from other letters that collaborate to make the same sound. Some may argue.  I say screw that, your argument, and you for even trying to argue about the third least used letter in the alphabet.  I hate that DAMN letter.   I also hate that if you put the letter X at the end of anything that you type in your search engine, some kind of  porn comes up.  Here is the Hate List!

1.)  I hate when people post personal stuff on facebook or twitter.  Their post will read, “yeah coming from the doctor,  just got finish getting a pap smear. My doctor crazy, he is the best”

2.)  I hate the woman that asked me to buy her a drink at the club the other night.  I casually escorted her over to the bar and told the bartender to give me 2 glasses of your finest tap.  She said,”what you cheap sorry ass bastard!”  I said,” beat it sack face”

3.) I hate that I bitch out and lock the car doors when strange guys or people walk close to or towards the car.  At least I know that bitching out  feels a whole lot cooler than getting snatched the hell out of a car.  Then having to explain to everyone what happen to you.  Bitch ass ness Rules!

4.) I hate that my girlfriend just give birth to a 7 pound 8 oz baby boy.  Yup i’m an uncle.  Just joking he’s 8lbs not 7lb .

5.) I hate that I had to pay $150 for a half hour of companionship on Craig’sList.

The ad said she looked like this…

But she really looked like this!

6.  ) I hate when someone tries to forcefeed me bullshit and tell me it’s steak.

7. ) I hate how some people choose profile pictures for their Facebook page that does not capture their best features.

8. ) I hate that Lil Wayne look like the cartoon character Stitch.

9. ) I hate that doctors have related penis size to erectile dysfunction.  This may be a good thing, it could mean that  this is one disease that may elude me.

10.)  But I do  Hate that one day I may suffer from  erectile dysfunction.  And being the proactive person that I am, I am  now going to hate all the side effects of the penis medications for erectile dysfunction.

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