Violence follows Atlanta Rapper-“Waka Flocka Flames”

Eight teenagers were shot after a performance by the Atlanta based rapper Waka Flocka .

Eight teenagers were shot after a performance by the Atlanta based rapper Waka Flocka late Friday evening (March 5th) in Gary Indiana. Waka performance was at The World of Skates Skating Rink. During the performance, a fight broke out and security ordered all patrons to exit the venue. While the teens were waiting in the parking lot , a gunman or gunmen opened fire on the teens who were
waiting on rides to go home.

“They’re teenagers that came to a venue and saw a rapper perform and then went home. As far as I’m concerned, my kids have nothing to do with what was going on,” World of Skates manager James Sisson told the Post-Tribune.

The wounded teens were taken to St. Catherine Hospital, Methodist Hospitals and Saint Margaret Mercy in Hammond, Ind, where they were treated for non-life threatening wounds.

Police accused Waka Flocka’s hype man of inciting the crowd by pitting the “East side” against the “West side,” which may have started the fight Police Cmdr. Michael Mallett told the Post-Tribune.

“The kids have separated themselves into east and west sides,” Mallet said. “They’ve been doing it for many years now, but it’s gotten worse, especially when you have entertainers making references to East Side vs. West Side. The youth in our community have taken it to heart.”

No arrests have been made as of press time.

In closing …

There has been the old saying that I believe that has been faded away. “STOP THE VIOLENCE!”

Why can’t we have a night out ,kids night out or family night out and be safe. Hip Hop has been getting so much negative attention. I believe that in the near future the only way you will see your favorite rapper perform is in a video. Myself , Crunkatlanta is a hip-hop head to my heart. The one thing I hate to see most in the news showing that kids were injured during a concert. Keep it safe.

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