What’s Your Design Style: Contemporary or Minimalist?

With regards to men and what colors they like, blue is still the number one color regarding to…

With regards to men and what colors they like, blue is still the number one color regarding to researchers.   Some colorist have noted that this stems from association.  As far back as one can remember blue has always been the chosen for powerful  men.  Take for instance on Wall Street, the pinstripe blue suit is a must have in your clothes portfolio.  In the professional industry overall … I don’t believe you can find a man who doesn’t own a blue blazer, a blue shirt, and or blue ties.  Statistics on this have been studied by some of the most famous marketers in the world.

Men associate blue with power, intelligence, and the calm aura that it provides.    Another color that men gravitate towards is green.  Of course here again is the association (money) holla.  When I’m designing for men I also like to throw in dark purple, gunmetal gray, and chocolate brown.  Finding the right colors for the project is essential.  Since black and white are shades, they can be used for the total look or as highlights with any design concept.  White reflects purity, and can make any room come alive.  Black works well with  an accent wall, furniture, kitchen appliances, or graciously the hue that brings everything together.  Since the launch of TV shows like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, HGTV, and of course Oprah’s guru Nate Berkus, designers have definitely seen a change in the interior design industry for men.

Men today have really come a long way in wanting to have their  crib, home, office, or pied-a-terre designed for them.  They want to see their  personalities defined in their space.  Yesterday’s beige tones are not the first chose for the professional, mogul, rapper and or playa.  They are willing to branch out into bold colors and rich patterns.   Now of course there will always be locker room boys, ghetto boys, around the way boys, or men who just don’t care about their surroundings.  I find that the more and more I design for men I realize that their concept of design has not always been clear.  When I speak to them about the topic of design, it is clear that hiring my services is something they never would have done in the past.    But if you notice more and more men today are at least being open about the different styles of design… that they might just like.  Yesterday’s home filled with heavy wood, socks on the floor and a pad full of lazy boy furniture is no longer their idea of cool.  If you are going after classy women such as Halle Berry, Beyonce, or Zoe Salanda you best believe they will not be incline to see your finer work in action. This is not to say that men still don’t like recliners or heavy furniture made of wood, but the design world has provided today’s man with incredible choices.

Charles and Ray EamesCharles and Ray Eames designed a white leather chair and ottoman made out of wood as the additional component in this mid-century but yet 21st century look.

The Barcal Lounger comes in a smooth Carmel leather…

and the real contemporary look is provided by Huff Furniture, called the “Swing Chair”.

Interior Design is a personal journey.   Too often designers will create a room without really analyzing the clients persona.  Most men don’t desire, have the time or knowledge to research their individual style.  Therefore some designers find it easier to create an “on the go” concept.   For instance when I watch MTV cribs… rarely do I find anything that “WOW’s” me.  Most of the furniture and layouts all resemble each other.  Large pieces of dark, and or cherry wood used through out most of the interior spaces without having a creative reason.   Because men require larger pieces, it is  less complicated to fill a room basically with one style that fits all.  But Interior Design is about a style, your style.  It should center around your hobbies, your lifestyle, or your profession.

What is your Design Style?

Contemporary:  Clean, simple, uncluttered, sophistication, texture and clean lines define the art of contemporary.    Bold colors such as red, orange and yellow are excellent for accent.  Linen, velvet and silk are necessary elements in a contemporary design.  Other Characteristics are bare windows, museum pieces, bare walls, sleek, slick, glass, stainless steel, brush nickel, concrete, metal, and chrome.  The vast assortment of new wallpapers can make for compelling wall treatments, especially linen.  I have chosen several designs below that define the contemporary style.

Interior Design by Change The Stage

Lighting is one of the most important items in any design concept.  Contemporary lighting compliments the overall concept… clean lines and overall museum pieces should be selected for a continuous flow.Naos

Sky Diver Pendant
Sky Diver Pendant
Niko Floor Lamp
Architechniques Lighting

Minimalist:  This is my favorite interior design, as a matter of fact it is the only style I have ever known.  My father created the minimalist style in our very first home.  So I grew up living the lifestyle of a minimalist.  Unlike any other design, a true minimalist is a certain type of person.   Whatever style domain it is the rules are the same… tidy, clutter free, organized and for the most part stark.  When I come home from a hard day out in the universe, I find my home to be tranquil, relaxing, because there is no nick knacks every where and every corner of the room is not filled with junk or unnecessary stuff.  The minimalist interior is truly cutting edge.  White is the main shade for this style, if another color is selected it should be neutral.  I really like to use chocolate brown and olive green as my accent colors.  There are never fancy patterns, decorative items or traditional furniture with a true minimalist style.  Clean lines, straight lines and textures that have a gloss to them are all a part of how you put this design together.  When selected couches and chairs I often will choose whole grain Italian leather, not only because it looks and feels like butter, but because it provides that “wow” factor that you need.  For the flooring; hardwood, concrete, or slate is recommended.  Instead of having a room full of photos, one bold, large painting is suggested if you have a loft, warehouse, or a large wall that the art can become the focal point.  If the area is smaller, use art that attracts attention.  This completes the look.

interiors 4 men
c c s architecture

1953 spyder ferrari

riva-copy sofa designs

White, White and more White is a shade that works with any design.  It creates the calmness in the design, it’s pure, clean, warm and can also have a brilliant glow.  Whites are divided in 3 categories:

  • Classic Whites are traditional and neutral enough to work in just about any décor
  • Warm Whites are considered cozy
  • Cool Whites, touched with blue, green and violet creates an open and spacious feel

In doing research, I explore all styles of furniture, artifacts, art, lamps, rugs, tile, doors, and everything that you can think of involving design.   I have selected several couches, chairs, and artifacts for the following male groups… bachelor’s, playa’s, and moguls.  A large percentage of my clientele is male, and since their design style is so different from women, I look for items that will create excitement immediately.  As a rule of thumb men are not fond of making furniture decisions, decorating and or envisioning conceptual design.   So as a designer that enjoys working with men, I look for items that will spark their emotions without much thought.

Below please find distinctive pieces of furniture that we would like to have a (rock it ) opinion from our viewers.  If you can envision any of the designs that we have selected in your pad… we would like to hear from you.  Also please send in photos of your current space and you will receive a free critquie.

cow hide… le corbusier
buttercup chair
sayonara leather plathform bed
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