OMG: The Son of Cube is Rapping Now?

“So, Oshea’s son is rappin now huh?” Ice Cube. His son is debuting under the moniker OMG. Forgive…

“So, Oshea’s son is rappin now huh?”

Ice Cube. His son is debuting under the moniker OMG. Forgive me for the lack of investigation but I’m assuming this is still pretty recent.

First and foremost, I am not, nor will never claim to be a Rap/Hip-Hop blogger. I’ll leave that to the people who dare to claim that title. I download, I listen, I write.

My taste in rap started with N.W.A and Too Short, compliments of my ten year older brother. That early 90’s golden era where the west started to gain momentum. I’ve always thought he (Ice Cube) was well deserving as his title as one of the greats. So, while strolling through my usual sites, I saw the clip announcing that Cube’s spawn was now ready for his chance to carry on the family legacy.

I guess I’m showing my age, but I cringed slightly at the opening, Cube says, with his son next to him:

“I told yall, I told yall. OMG is in the muthafuckin studio and he about to let yall have it.”

I’m hardly judging Mr. Jackson’s parenting skills, but the way I was raised, it just seemed a little odd for father and son rappin and cursing side by side. I feel bad listening to the local Hip-Hop station till this day when any of my family elders are in the car. I myself, hardly qualify as anyone’s moral compass; like I said I’m not judging.

OMG’s flow was decent, he’ll fit right into the ‘punchline’ era. In one line he spits:

What up Cube? You know your son has grown/
Just keep your feet up/
And I will bring the money home

He couldn’t have a better mentor and just in case he needs a ghost-writer….c’mon now. What producer/DJ says no to Cube? As an “older” listener, would I download him? Probably not, but it’s not because of his lack of talent or wackness. I’m just a stubborn rap listener. I’m pretty much stuck in the 2Pac/Biggie/Jay-Z cipher. Any new rapper variance is hard to come by these days for my MP3.

I haven’t heard much and to me, he DOES NOT suck….he’s decent even. My ears didn’t bleed. Then again I’m not formally a rap critic. Either I download you, or I don’t.

Either way, for those who haven’t heard, you can peep OMG’s flow below and tell us what you think.

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