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Diddy has Swagger Swagga…  as I move in and out of the famous world called the good life…

Diddy has Swagger

Swagga…  as I move in and out of the famous world called the good life … I ponder those who think they have the “IT” factor, to be a part of this exclusive club.   As an Interior Designer I’m around moguls, entrepreneurs, models, hip hoppers, and movie stars who live in  their very own catered world . They have fabulous clothing designers, like Tom Ford, Gucci, Sean John, and House of Deron.   Record moguls who promise  and produce top 10 hit’s on their first CD.  Even though many in this industry have  the moola, capital, and or digits to hire Jacob the Jewler,  to design their outlandish gems and or anything they desire  … but the Majority still lack Swagga.

Because Dolce and Gabbana designed a one of a kind dress or suit only for you, doesn’t mean you have the style, confidence or walk to pull off the Swagga appeal.  The definition of Swagger is described differently by many.  Here are some definitions from around the world:  rare elegantly fashionable, some say it is a manner of walking, having plenty of influence, how one handles themselves in any given situation, self confidence a major element of true swagger… is a unique quality that only a few truly master.  Some say you don’t even have to speak… your entire aura is so cool, your silence speaks for you.  Being poised is not a marketing gimmick it is part of who you are naturally.  Your presence demands attention in a good way.  Very few people can rock a T-shirt like Halle Berry or walk a run way like our (beat your ass) model Naomi Campbell.

Halle berry - Esquire
Naomi campbell -

The word Swagga… has many definitions.   The way you talk (smooth and easy) every word is poetic and lyrical, it may be in the walk, confidence,or what they call the “IT” factor.  Strangers can feel that you would fuck them up if they stepped to you in the wrong manner.  You know that you own the room when you walk in, you dominate with pride and charisma.  Swagga is your own style, you either have it, obtain or you don’t.   People want to be your friend and around you… because you are cool and you don’t take any shit.   You usually dress with style weather it is from an antique shop or Barneys.  But never confuse swagger with  aggorrance, mean spirit or treating people like they are beneath you.   Like anything else there will always be haters, just because you have what they desire.  You don’t have to desire the loveliest, smartest, finest woman in the room.  She will find you.  And if you’re a woman like Angelina Jolie, Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, Eva Longoria Parker or Michelle Obama, you know you are supper Swaggerlicious.

Denzel Washington, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell, Michael Jackson, Bill Gates, Jay-Z, and John Legend each have their own unique style of Swag and it works differently for each one of them.  Interior4MeN have put together a style of furniture, architecture, and concept designs that flows with a Swagger attitude, that we are calling the Swagger Design.  A man with Swagga will wear:  Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Polo, classic converse or a pair of  Maison Martin Hightops.

maison martin high tops

He might drive: Porsche, Range Rover, Aston Martin, or Bugatti.  But then again he might be into eco friendly rides like the one bad boy Leo Dicaprio formerly drove  the Tesla Roadster.

He will wear Blancipan and Girard-Perrgaux watch, he could also rock a cool watch called Odom… because he knows who he is.


The Swagga Design is a combination of high tech entertainment pieces, earth-friendly, pop art, museum art, furtistic designs, antiques, lots of glass, wood, aluminum, chrome, concrete, exotic hardwood, mosaic tiles, and chandliers.  From my point of view most houses on MTV CRIBS don’t have Swagga.  I can never watch a full esposide because I sit there and I say to myself where is the creativity?  Especially with the Urban folks and there homes… it looks like they hired a Interior Designer who knew nothing about who they were as a person first.  You can’t design for someone unless you feel their soul.  Anyone can go to Bloomingdale’s, or any major department store and purchase an entire set of furniture and call it designing!  Which is exactly what it looks like most of the designers did with the Urban sector.  Of course there are rare exception that I’ve been able to research and find, like this photo of Kanye West’s (living room) in his LA home.

marcel wanders table, mariano fortuny's iconic floor lamp

When you walk into someone’s home that has Swagga, you shouldn’t be surprised by it’s uniquness.  Their inside interiors will flow… completing the entire package of who they are.  I have people ask me all the time, can my house be in the Swagga collection?  I show them photos like the ones below; and if they can appreciate, understand or feel what makes these designs part of our portfolio… then the answer is YES.

living etc.
cigarette boat... cobra
ceasarstone faux wall cover
kaldewei bath
modern glass house
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