“What Have We Become?” Is This the Hate List?


Shameless, arrogant, misguided, sinful, lustful, stupid, loveless, untrustworthy, guarded, absent minded, senseless, vengeful, vindictive, sexually perverse, irresponsible, lackadaisical, dishonorable, dishonest, SELFISH, confrontational, monetarily ignorant, self destructive, unhappy, lost, unintelligent, wasteful, effortless, half-ass, incomplete, aliens, transparent, addicts, heartless individuals who be the cause of our very extinction, hopeless, .

We the people of the world have been dying slowly.  Our selfish behaviors and shameless acts will truly be our demise.  The innocence of childhood is being removed from our society and replaced with a desensitized abundance of wicked reality.  We laugh when someone gets hurt, we fight back when things do not go our way. We kill others and ourselves because the promise of tomorrow falls into the categories with Santa, The Tooth Fairy, and Love.  What have we become?  It seems as if everyone is living life like it is their last day on Earth, which I find to be a reckless way of living.  Human existence has always (no matter what) been based on future.  Dreaming and making those dreams come true is why we live.  Tomorrow is never promised to any of us, but our dreams, goals, and ideas will live on.  This selfish way of thinking makes us believe that we are living in this world alone.  No one else matters because we can not control what others do.  What we do, at any point in our lives, affects everyone.  Our words can ruin someone’s day or make their day, our actions can ruin someone’s life or change their life, our ideas and application of those ideas can revolutionize the world. As soon as we realize that we are one, we can protect our futures from the wicked hearted ideology that hinders our world.  I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. We must change or we will become the fossils that the next generation of beings, who inherit this world, will be discovering. Here is the Love List!


1. I love the playing the Nintendo Wii with my son, I do not love how he is only 5 years old and beats the hell out of me in bowling.

2. I love being a punk ass dude that lives to run from a fight another day.

3. I love Mama’s Family.  Redneck show it was, but I watched it every time it came on. Vicki Lawrence and Carol Burnett are funny ladies.

4. I love putting Ketchup in my spaghetti.


5.  I love that I am disappointed in myself for not remembering the Negro National Anthem.

6. I love that I will never let my son find out how scary Large Marge is.  She scared the Bejesus out of me.

7.  I love that not having a tattoo makes me different.

8. I love that I have gotten over my cousin calling me “Alibaba and the Forty Stomachs”. I was fat kid when I was younger.  He even singed this to me, while dancing around me.  He was a mean bastard, but I forgive him.

9. I love


10. I love that money does not love me.  I love that I feel the same way about money!