Jesse Jackson Calls for BP Boycott


There seems to be no end in site for the supposed cleanup efforts that oil conglomerate BP is leading to remove the oil spill (that they created) from the Gulf of Mexico.  With each passing moment, another species is being affected.  Beaches are being closed.  Tourism is obviously being affected as well.  The economy takes yet another hit.  People are simply fed up at BP’s efforts to correct the problem.  Jesse Jackson’s one of those people and he’s calling for a boycott.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson is calling for a nationwide boycott of BP – because he says the company is not moving fast enough to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.


Reverend Jackson marched back and forth in front of a BP gas station at Roosevelt and Wabash – holding a sign that said, “Don’t pay the bill for the spill.”

“The birds are already affected. The economy is affected. And the ecology is affected. And now people who have been watching this drama cannot just watch it and be spectators. It is now time to act. We do not have to subsidize BP’s behavior.” [Source]

Everyone needs gas for their vehicles and BP knows this.  It might  just be time for us to take a stand and not consume as much of it this holiday weekend, which I know is hard for a lot of us to do including myself.  Let’s not hope this boycott falls on deaf ears.

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