Movie Review: Just Wright


Common and Queen Latifah had something going on.


Out of all the film Genres out there, is there a more predictable formula than a Romantic Comedy? The formula goes a little something like this: Guy wins girl. Something Happens. Guy loses girl. Guy realizes that she’s the “one” and must go all out to win her back. He wins girl and they live happily ever after.

That formula remained the same with “Just Wright”. Even though “Just Wright” doesn’t attempt to provide even a hint of something different or original than what we’ve seen before, the movie works bceause of the leads (Queen Latifah and Common). Likable leads go an awfully long way in the world of the romantic comedy. It’s just so much easier to forgive the clichés of the genre when you actually want to see the two star-crossed lovers find happiness together. When the audience starts to pull for the characters, that’s when you know the film is a success.

Leslie Wright (Latifah) is a physical therapist who gets the gig of a lifetime working with NBA All-Star Scott McKnight (Common). They begin to get close and the rest is history.

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Although the storyline was a little too predictable, I found it refreshing that Queen Latifah’s character didn’t have to change herself to get the guy in the end. I also thought it was a true reflection of what relationships are supposed to be about. I think that’s what made this movie somewhat different. Often times a lot of the romantic comedies have over the top situations to make the audience laugh or overdo it with the romantic gestures to evoke an emotional response from the audience. Latifah’s and Common’s courting was very realistic and comparable to what everyday people go through when pursuing romance even though Common’s character was a NBA player.

Common’s performance was respectable, with it being his first leading role. I can see him getting better with each passing movie and that he’s obviously taking the time to improve with each move that he’s in. Queen Latifah performance was pretty much on point. The supporting cast was also great even though I wish that Phylicia Rasha’s character received more screen time.  Overall, it was a pretty solid romantic comedy.