The Hate List: Happy Father’s Day, NO WOMEN ALLOWED.

Today’s Hate List is dedicated to all the fathers of the world, excluding Catholic child molesting priest or any deadbeat dads. Father’s Day is supposed to be the day when everyone says, “thanks Dad”. As a man you are entitled to have someone finally say thanks to you. There is no better feeling in the world than being a loving parent and having your children know that you are such.

A man’s role is to provide, protect, and guide his family in the right direction. Some of us men have stepped up and played our roles, others have fallen by the waist side. The ball on fatherhood has been dropped. I hate that some of our children have been the victims of stupid ass paternity test, child support cases, and overwhelming parental neglect. Dad! It is your job to provide. Whether you want to realize it or not, you are the head of a body of work called “Family”.

The family structure is a direct reflection of your responsible or your irresponsible behavior. We are failing. I hate that we are failing. I hate even more, the state of our community. I hate that some mother’s feel the need to try and hijack father’s day. Mothers! I argue, by including yourself in Father’s Day you are conveying the message that a man is no longer needed in the household. I hate that we men have put ourselves in this position, but so be it. Mothers! Stay the hell away from Father’s Day. Let the Dads of the world have their day. Deadbeat Dads, it is time to resurrect the dead. We can fix the problem with hard work and dedication. If you do not get along with your children’s mother, be a man and get over that dumbass shit. Our children need you. Your children need you. Wake up, Stand up, and Step up. Being a father means giving up your plate of food when your child says, “Daddy I am hungry”. Being a father means comforting your child anytime they are in pain. Being a father means making sure your child knows what it means to be a gentlemen or lady. I hate that the hijacking of Father’s Day leaves men with only one calendar holiday. This day is not even a whole day, but a couple of hours, which is Superbowl Sunday. Women have even tried to hijack Superbowl Sunday with their themes and decorations. And if you don’t like football you get screwed out of a day. Here is the Hate List!

1. I hate old men that dress like they did back in the late 80’s when a playboy gold chain and V-neck tee shirts were the Sh!t.

2. I hate when I continue to tell people the same story over and over again. I hate when they remind me that I told them that story before. They have that sarcastic ass look on their face when they remind me. It is not my fault blame the adult ADHD.

3. I hate old men that dress like they did back in the late 80’s when a playboy gold chain and V-neck tee shirts were the Sh!t.

4. I hate my best friend for letting me know that the woman, (who I admired and commented that she was a sexy stallion) was really a man. I hate that bastard for tricking me into believing that he was a she. Did I just type that? “F” it.

5. I hate my old neighbor Ms Anna for calling me Colored.

6. I hate going home to an unmade bed. I love the look and feel of a made up bed. Crisp white linens and perfectly placed pillows. Best feeling next to hearing my son say that he loves me.

7. I hate my best friend for giving his dead beat father a used condom for Father’s Day. Because he just wanted to give back to his father what he gave him. He told his father “here, time to watch your grandchildren”.

8. I hate burning the taste buds on my tongue.

9. I hate the stripper that tried to put her ass in my face at my friend’s bachelor party. Not cool lady, there is nothing sexy about a strippers ass in your face. Your ass looks perfectly fine 10 feet away. I love the cigarette trick and the pole dancing, but the ass to face action, not cool. You failed creative arts student, keep your ass out my face. You know what? I hate that I can never cut a tomato properly. It ever cuts mushy or it is cut to big. Can someone please tell me how the hell to cut a tomato?

10. I hate when someone says, “MY MOTHER WAS OR IS MY FATHER”. No, your mother is your mother, you just did not have the privilege of having a father. Do not confuse the two. Dad is dad and Mom is Mom. If you don’t like this statement, you may have unresolved father issues. Try to fix them now to end the cycle of dead beat dad ism.

Happy Fathers Pops and Bub. I love you! I had the privilege of having a Loving Father and Stepfather. My life is great.

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