A New Scarface Film May Be in The Works


Say hello to another possible sequel from a movie that got its start in the 80’s.

Ask any rapper out right now what their favorite movie is, and chances are that the majority of them will say that “Scarface” is their favorite film of all time.  Many rappers want to be gangsters and “Scarface” epitomizes the rag to riches kind of lifestyle that they try to emulate.  Even though they familiarize themselves with the movie, they seem to forget the end and the overall message of the film that when you live a fast and crime-filled life, that there are no happy endings.  And it appears that director Oliver Stone may be considering resurrecting the franchise in the same manner that he has just recently reprised his hit film Wall Street.

“It’s been great to go back with Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,” he told Total Film. “I should go back and do Son of Scarface or something!”

Stone  wouldn’t elaborate, but, changing the story to follow (the deceased) Tony Montana’s offspring would certainly be in keeping with Wall Street 2, which gives Gordon Gekko a daughter.

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What do you guys think?  Do you think that Oliver Stone should resurrect the franchise or just let an old sleeping dog lay?