Spike Lee’s New Documentary to Focus On BP Scandal And the city of New Orleans


Spike Lee visited the National Association of Black Journalists convention in San Diego Saturday to give folks a sample of his new HBO documentary that includes a look at the BP Gulf oil spill.

The director showed about 90 minutes of “If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise,” his follow-up to “When the Levees Broke” about the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.


The film picks up with the New Orleans Saints’ Super Bowl victory and chronicles the impact of the spill on people who have yet to fully recover from Katrina

When asked if BP cooperated he said, “Nobody was speaking to me from BP.”

He also called on President Barack Obama to “bring the hammer” on BP and make the company pay.

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The film also features interviews with displaced New Orleanians as well as those who have returned home. Lee also probes into the rise of the charter school movement in New Orleans and the state of the reconstruction efforts in the Lower Ninth Ward and elsewhere.