Did Fantasia Overdose On Aspirin and Sleeping Pills Due To Sex Tape Scandal?

For those that don’t know, Fantasia has been caught up in a recent scandal involving a married man. This man’s wife is filing for divorce, claiming that Fantasia and her husband have been making sex tapes as in plural and she has the volumes to prove it. And in a weird twist and through a North Carolina law ruling, she is also able to sue Fantasia for breaking up the marriage.

Well it seems that all of this is coming down on Fantasia pretty hard and she’s been “overwhelmed by the lawsuit and the media attention” and according to her rep, Brian Dickens, that these are the reasons why she overdosed yesterday on “aspirins and a sleep aid”. The singer is now in stable condition at a hospital in North Carolina.

I can understand Fantasia not wanting the media attention, but overdosing on sleeping pills is sure not going to help squash the media fire.

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