Kanye West Compares Himself to Emmitt Till and Drops New Single “See Me Now”

Just yesterday it was reported that Kanye was coming back to the MTV VMAs, even after last year’s spectacle which saw him snatch the mic from Taylor Swift before she could finish her acceptance speech. Well Mr. West dropped by Hot 97 and sat down with Angie Martinez for an interview.

He spoke on dealing with his mothers passing, how he moved to Japan to get away from the press after his VMA episode. He talked about interning for Fendi, moving to Japan for three weeks after the VMA debacle, and interning for Fendi among other things. He also debuted his new song, “See Me Now” featuring Charlie Wilson and Beyoncé. Then he even had the nerve to compare last year’s mic snatching and the way he was treated afterwards to Emmitt Till.

For those not too keen on Black history, Emitt Till was a young black boy back in the 50’s who supposedly whistled at a white woman and got lynched. His body was so badly beaten that it wasn’t even recognizable. His mother made it a point to show others what was done to her son by having an open casket funeral. She even fought with the state of Mississippi for her right to have an open casket. The state didn’t want her to have it because they didn’t want to bring any extra attention to the case. Her response to that was to allow whoever wanted to take pics of her son’s body, for them to do so and spread the word. This is Emmitt Till’s story wrapped up in a nutshell and Kanye had the nerve to compare himself to him! Negro please!

A blind person can see that Kanye obviously doesn’t think before he speaks. Kanye deserved every bit of the backlash that he received for his VMA outburst last year and I’m sure he will get his fair share of backlash from these recent comments as well. Kanye’s been getting a free pass for a lot of the things that he has said or have done in the past, but maybe it’s time that he realizes that the sun doesn’t set and rise on Kanye. He comparing himself to Emmitt was totally disrespectful to us as a people and especially to the civil rights movement. Kanye insulted the seriousness of Emmett’s death by comparing it to his own stupidity. But that’s Kanye being Kanye.

In addition to saying the above foolishness, he even goes on to say that Nicki Minaj could be the 2nd greatest rapper of all-time, which maybe explains Kanye’s outburst about Emmit Till. This cat must’ve been high. Peep the full interview below.

[audio:|titles=Kanye West interview on Hot 97]

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