Exclusive: Trina Ends DJ’s Career!

Okay people, this was something I saw first hand at this event, Exclusive!!

The Glamorous One known as Trina was scheduled to perform tonight at Divinity Lounge in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Also on the bill was prominent Porn star Starlet, Pinky. This was all courtesy of Legal Money Entertainment. The Upscale Nightclub that recently became a Gentleman’s Club on weekdays, has been a venue for such acts as Juvenile and Lil’ Wayne’s Young Money Artists. The club’s VIP room has a separate bar and DJ, mixing live was Divinity’s own, DJ Collision on the ones and twos.

Pinky took to the stage and displayed her stripper skills that has sky rocketed her into one of the adult industry’s leading and demanded performers. The male audience became groupies without knowing it, LOL.

However the same could not be said for South Florida’s own Diamond Princess. Before the rapper took to the stage on the main floor, there were many incidents where the music stopped abruptly without warning, causing many attendees to become irate and boo. Trina was unaware of what was going on being that she was in VIP. When she finally came out to perform she was met with an uneasy crowd. It was clear that the DJ in the main room who was a last minute replacement, was unorganized and appeared extremely intoxicated. With each hit she tried to perform from her repertoire, her mic and her hype man’s mic were cut off numerous times.

The music was also cut on and off throughout her performance, making the sweet and humble Trina to remind the crowd why she is the Baddest B*tch in the rap game. She repeatedly told the DJ to “stick to the f*cking script and play the music!!!”, which did nothing to improve the situation. She became so frustrated that she pointed to the DJ booth saying, “You are the worse f*cking DJ ever, you and you(the DJ had an accomplice by the way), I’m tryna do this yall but these niggaz f*cking my shit up!!”. Trina proceeded doing the rest of her performance A capella with the aid of her fans while still being interrupted by music that was not even her own. But it was short lived as the time she was paid for ran out. She apologized to all the patrons and told them how much she loved them before making and awkward exit.

Many fans left unsatisfied and all anger was directed to the dysfunctional unnamed DJ. After this night he clearly has lost all credibility in tonight’s faux pas. Video of the A capella performance located below.

Trina’s new album, Amazin’, is avaliable in stores, with leading single “Million Dollar Girl” featuring Keri Hilson and Diddy.

This has been another twist, from ya boi Szodiac.


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