Are You A Baller or Playa?


What is the difference?  From a female perspective, a PlayA to me has WomeN lined up outside his Pimp Attic,  Hood Crib, or Pad.  They really know their style when it comes fashion.  Some days, you might jump out the box with two colors, patterns, and an ascot.   Generally speaking men don’t have a rule of thumb as to what type of WomeN they will take to bed.  That only comes up if she is going to meet his parents.  Now WomeN on the other hand are more conscious and will stay with a basic type of man overall.  But of course all theories can be proven wrong.  Remember this is my take from a female PlayA.

Another thing I have observed about a True PlayA… is that they are generous with their SwaggA.  For the most part they take care of their own.  They will make sure that the bills are payed… now I’m not saying that the court won’t have to send them a notice every once in a while regarding the baby’s Momma.  Once again, these are my comments based upon years of being around True Playas.  Playas with etiquette will wine and dine you.  Seduce you with the aroma of fine cigars, Crystal or Dom Perignon Champagne.  Take you to getaways in the Virgin Islands or Monte Carlo.  And when it comes time to hit that “Thang”.  They know exactly what to do and where to start!

Now let’s focus on Baller or PlayA Trends  for Fall 2010.