Bentleys Recalled Over Hood Emblem

Bentley Azure

It looks like Bishop Eddie Long’s Vehicle of choice is undergoing a massive recall and it’s not for reasons that one may assume.

Most vehicles when recalled, have faulty tires, faulty brakes, faulty steering columns, etc.   But this actually may be the first time that I heard of a vehicle being recalled because of a faulty hood emblem.

According to Bentley Motors, the famous “Winged B” hood ornament is supposed to retract and on several models of the vehicle it appears that the ornament is stuck and thus could possibly injure people in an accident. I guess the two tons of steel behind the the ornament doesn’t matter on impact. If that’s the case, I can see why so many rich people buy Bentleys. It seems that the only thing destructible is the ornament.

The recall affects 620 cars in the United States and Canada and 200 in Europe who added the raised hood ornament as an option.

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The company says no injuries have been reported.