MC Hammer’s Comeback: May have Jay-Z in his sights!!


“Stop”…………”HAMMERTIME” oh oh oh oh (I had to do it).

This one is a crazy one.

Apparently King Hammer plans to make a comeback around Halloween for one reason, Jay-Z. Yeah, I know, its hard to picture or even think that this can count as a major hip-hop feud, but it seems that this could actually be in the works.

Jay-Z allegedly fired the first shot with this line from his verse on Kanye West’s  “So Appalled”, “And Hammer went broke so you know I’m more focused, I lost $30 Mill so I spent another $30 ’cause unlike Hammer $30 Mill can’t hurt me”. Well, some might say this was just one of Jay’s slick lines, but many speculate that this was genuinely aimed at the early 90’s icon.

Hammer, like many other rappers nowadays, took to twitter in response, saying “The Answer to Jay comes Oct 31 (Devil’s Night) ..I saw him coming…” For those who didn’t know, the former MC is a born again Christian, and as many of you already know, Jay-Z has had a slew of rumors attaching him to secret societies and Satanic views. Though Hammer claimed to be a saved man, it did not stop him from referring to Hov as “hellboy” and “Jay-Hoe”.

Mr. Hammer plans to release a track accompanied by a video on the day of orange and black. Jay-Z………..”Can’t Touch This” (I need to stop).

Stay Tuned to for more updates, this has been another twist from ya boi Szodiac.

Born and raised on the island streets of New Providence, Bahamas; Szodiac has always possessed the ability of music, writing and spoken word poetry. From his humble beginnings from Def Jam's Street Team, he learned from the ground up about the art of hip hop and the continuous and ever evolving nature of it. He has a passion for the music industry, a love of writing, and blogging about today's urban scene. Currently residing in Baltimore Maryland, he has worked with local artist from all over the country promoting mainstream and indie artist.

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