I Breathe This – Episode 3 “Derek’s Loyalty”

Derek is about to go away for a little while, but tries rationalizing to Smokes for him to change his ways to which Smokes says he’ll take his words into consideration. Corey is a little upset at the way things went down between Smokes and Derek, but things may be looking up for him in his personal life as he receives some good news of his own.
I Breathe This – Episode 3

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I Breathe This – Episode 10 “Who Needs Who?”

Derek is finally given an opportunity to shine in the studio but his light is quickly dimmed by Smokes' egotistical ways. Cory confronts Smokes about Shameka. Derek is forced to make a critical decision after finally realizing Smokes is spiraling down a destructive path. Cory is pressured into being someone he is not.