Why the Hate? Obituary States That Instead of Flowers, Please Send Money to Kick Obama Out of Office

The hatred that some people have towards President Obama can be pretty extreme as if a lot of…
This dude is hating the President from the Grave

The hatred that some people have towards President Obama can be pretty extreme as if a lot of you don’t already know this.

The hate for him, a lot of the time, borders on being ridiculous and sometimes even humorous just because I can’t believe some of the stuff I hear people say about our President ,or in this case, I couldn’t believe what I read.

In Georgia, the family of Donald Charles Unsworth made it real clear on how they felt about our President…through an obituary of all places.

This is a totally disrespectful and a classless act for the family to do such a thing.  I’m all for freedom of speech but sometimes Common Sense should reign supreme.  How can you truly love your country but don’t want to support the President?  When a President succeeds our country succeeds.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  Even with Bush, where a lot of people didn’t agree with his practices, they still supported him because he was our freakin’ President.

The obituary reads as such.

…The family respectfully asked in lieu of flowers that memorial contributions be made to the American Cancer Society or to the campaign of whoever is running against President Barack Obama in 2012…

Yep!  The hatred for the Nation’s first Black President runs that deep that they would rather for funds that should go to Cancer research go towards kicking President Obama out the White House.

Only in America, does this make any sense.

View the Obituary Here.

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