Buffalo Bills Receiver Drops Game-Winning TD Then Blames God For Making Him Drop Pass

We often here professional Athletes praise God for when they do well, but what to do when things don’t work out quite as plan?

They blame the Almighty!  That’s right, Buffalo Bills Receiver Stevie Johnson took the high road and literally blamed the man upstairs for making him drop an easy game-winning TD in OT against my beloved Steelers.

After the game, Johnson Tweeted:

It’s kind of funny that Stevie recognizes God to be the one who gave him the talent to make it to the NFL but blames him for allowing to drop an easy pass.  Whatever happened to taking responsibility for your own actions?  Stevie, God didn’t make you drop the pass, but I’m sure there’s a lesson that he wants you to learn.  And I’m not just saying this because your drop allowed for my boys to escape with a win.


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