But I’m Too Phat For That!

Classy but not Trashy

What is it about most of our pleasantly plump women that makes them think being fierce and fashion forward only comes in small sizes? I have heard time after time my powerfully plumpems say if they were my size they would dress like me too. I’m always force to rebuttal and say that if I were their size I would still dress like me. Being a woman of seductive substance does not mean settling sadly when it comes to fashion.

The saying just because they make it in your size does not mean you have to wear it, only applies to those who forgot the law of fashion and that is simply, KEEP IT CLASSY NOT TRASHY! My motto is if they make, it wear it!

Here are 4 fashion Do’s for our Phatty Girls! Phatty Girls!

  • Do try to stay away from wearing one solid color, too much of one color in one area can give you an unflattering appeal and turn you into an insulting object or fruit. Try a nice subtle pattern or print it removes the focus from size and places it on style. Refrain from leopards or too much floral the key to this look is to remain subtle.
  • Do think of your temple as the foundation and build around it, because there is more of you to love you want to add shape and curves, so it starts underneath. Find bras and panties that will not only give you sex appeal but give you support if you have a tummy or large breast you can ruin the line of a great outfit if you are not properly tucked.

  • Do buy clothes that are made to fit. The biggest mistake made by plus size woman is the over exaggeration on their actual size, wearing baggy clothes only adds to size and sloppiness and wearing them too tight makes the statement earlier true, either way both ways make you look larger. A well fit outfit always looks better and gives you a slimmer look. Don’t be afraid to get measured and know you.
  • Do accessorize with everything that goes for any size accessories are your icing and brings everything together.

The most important thing of all is to love you yourself fashionably crazy, because fabulousness comes in all shapes and sizes.

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