Rihanna’s GQ Shoot Inspires: The 3 Things Every Woman Should Be

A basic formula for every woman to keep her man satisfied.

I came across Rihanna’s cover spread of the January 2011 issue of British GQ Magazine. I’m sure we’ve all looked at beautiful women of Hollywood and thought to ourselves: “Who would ever leave her?” or “Who would ever cheat on her?”   Well the answers to those questions are simple: Someone & Someone.  While stardom and fame brings a lot of perks and power, the one magical, perky, power it doesn’t bring is “long lasting fairytale relationships”.  Luckily, I’ve discovered that there is a  basic formula of how to keep your man, if not forever…atleast satisfied in the present moment.

1.  A Woman Should Be a Chef in the Kitchen:

Let’s face it, the old saying “The fastest way to a man’s heart, is his stomach.” still holds strong, even in modern America.  During the honeymoon phase of the relationship he may start out wining & dining you, but this is just because he assumes this is the necessary protocol for this phase of the relationship and not because he expects to continue doing this for the rest of your lives together.  Quite honestly, guys don’t even like doing this after the 3rd date, unless of course you’re paying for the meal by the 4th date.    However, if you want to really impress your guy you have to be able to throw down in the kitchen… Please do not under any circumstance believe that a man is truly in love with a woman who says  “I do NOT cook”  and if you can’t cook, I suggest tuning into The Food Network.

2. A Woman Should Be a Homemaker in the Living Room:

There’s nothing cute about keeping a dirty home.  Besides a good home cooked meal, after a long day of work, a man would like to come home to a CLEAN kingdom.  Relaxation, fresh air, good food, maybe even a nice back massage… can’t go wrong there.  Dust bunnies, cluttered tables, spaghetti sauce stains… that’s a no-no.  Be passionate about making your house a home, show him you care by making his household a sanctuary.  A place that he can go to escape the stresses of the outside world… his paradise.

3. A Woman Should Be a Porn Star in the Bedroom:

That’s right!  This is the “Should Be” of ALL “Should Be’s”.  Without this “Should Be” quite frankly, the aforementioned may not even matter.  You can be a cooking & cleaning machine, but if the sex isn’t fun and interesting… he will stray.  After all, he could hire a maid to cook and clean…or if he’s a mama’s boy- his mama could take care of that for him.  What sets you apart from both?  Well obviously, the sex.  Just like you should be passionate about cooking and cleaning- you should be 10x more passionate about pleasing him in the bedroom.  Be comfortable, confident, and open-minded during this moment & he’ll return the favor.

Be sure to check out more racy photos of Rihanna in the January 2011 issue of British GQ Magazine.


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