Where Trying to be Fashionably Right Goes oh so Fashionably Wrong

In this fashion era we have brought back a collaboration of history repeat styles, however at the same time we have tried to take the definition of eclectic and give it a new meaning. Webster best defines this word as: composed of elements drawn from various sources. Society now has taken this definition and mocked it with ridiculous and shameful walking mishaps. So first things first let’s clear some air


    Ok so now that I have got a bit of tension released let’s just do what I like to call quick tips; it’s just a basic breeze over things that I notice to often.

    Remember the old saying K.I.S.S. “Keep It Simple Stupid”, that applies to EVERYTHING & EVERYONE! from your accessories, to the colors, to your hair.

      Men: Remember a shoe can go a long way especially one with great detail, try staying away from color coordinating the entire outfit from the shirt to the jeans to the jacket. Sometimes a basic solid T will be enough to set the outfit off especially if the shoe has more than 2 colors.

      Women: Weighing yourself down with too many accessories can cause a distraction if you’re going for the oversized bangles look and you’re doing more than 3 then try to stay away from adding extra unnecessary attractions such as necklaces or large earring unless you trying out for the next around the way girl video minimize. Keep your hair simple a fresh ponytail is always a safe look with anything.

      SKINNY JEANS, THEY’RE EVERYWHERE! We are definitely in a skinnies craze which I confess I’m obsessed with as well. I love a great pair of skinnies but we have a few people that forgot to take there one on one class on how to be a skinnie wearer.

        Men: I prefer you don’t but you insist you must, so as the bible says do what thus sayeth we shall go with what thus fashion sayeth at the moment my only tip to you is. PULL THEM UP! They are already tight why do they need to sag below your behind please tell the point. It’s tacky and tasteless.

        Women: We have a tendency to buy skinnies like we buy our regular jeans long with a little slack. Skinnies don’t need that if they wrinkle at the bottom it gives them a bit of a tacky look, they should fall directly at the ankle right above where the foot starts that way it looks perfect with a flat or a heel.

        The key to putting together the perfect ensemble is to keep complicated simple…

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